Complete Guide On How To Use Single Name On Facebook In 2022

In this post, we will be looking at the complete guide you need on how to use a single name on Facebook in 2019.

Over the years, Facebook has tightened its security and released a lot of security features and measures. The social media platform prides as a place where people are expected to use their real names.

Prior to this time, being able to use a single a single name on Facebook was easy. Most of our friends used that and it sorta made them seem cool.

At the time, it was as easy and using just your first time or excluding your last name. Now, these are required otherwise, you won’t be able to save that name.

However, currently, there is a way around this and I’d like to show you how.

How To Use Single Name On Facebook In 2019

But first, there are requirements to using a single name or hide your last name on Facebook and this includes:

  1. You must be from Indonesia. Currently, the average Facebook user cannot hide his/her last name. This option is only available for those in Indonesia. And maybe a few other countries I currently do not know about.
  2. You can change your name once in 60 days
  3. Use a proxy server, Address or browser. If you happen to have a VPN which supports Indonesia server, great!

Having mentioned this, the thought of being able to use one name on Facebook in 2019 may seem tough, but it isn’t.

While I did mention using Indonesia, you can still hide last name on Facebook using your default account. That way, your name becomes just one word.

Just before we go into that, let’s ask ourselves a few questions.

Why Do You Want A Single Name On Facebook?

A huge number of people on the social media platform have their two names on their profile. Some even have three. For some reason, using a single name seem really cool and unique.

Kinda makes you stand out of the crowd. Could that be your own reason? If yes, that’s fine! If otherwise, would you care to share your reason in the comment session below?

Is Using One Name On Facebook Illegal?

This will depend on your jurisdiction. However, by Facebook standards, everyone (except those in Indonesia) should use their real names on their profile. And seeing that we all have a first name and a last name, it’s expected that we have that on our profiles.

If not for anything, for the sole purpose of being able to be easily found on the social networking platform.

Whether or not, this is illegal, to be honest, doesn’t matter. But of course, if you have to hide to do something, it doesn’t make it seem legit.

While this may not be legit, you must likely wouldn’t have any panel for deciding to simply use a single name. Again, this depends on your jurisdiction.

There are a few methods to doing this and, we will be looking at these method.

How To Use Single Name On Facebook

Method 1. Use A VPN To Change Language

To successfully change your language on your Facebook account, you first need a VPN and thereafter, change your language to Indonesia.

For this, you can use Hola VPN. This is available as an extension on Google Chrome and Firefox. Doing this should be easy. Here is the guide to follow.

On Windows / Desktop

  • Using your preferred web browser (Firefox / Chrome), Download Hola VPN. This is free to use.
  • After download is complete, follow the onscreen instruction and turn on Hola VPN by clicking the red buttonturn on Hola VPN to hide last name on Facebook
  • Under language in the Hola VPN, switch from English to ID Indonesia by selecting More.change language from english to indonesia on HOLA VPN
  • At this point, your browser will be automatically configured with the Indonesia proxy address. You can visit an IP detest page to confirm this.

Asides using a VPN, you can choose to use a proxy address. This will require manual configuration.

To Add Proxy Address Manually

  • Go to
  • Search for Indonesia Proxy and choose to use any of them.
  • You can equally visit to have one running.
  • Simply add this proxy to your chrome or Firefox proxy settings under Network settings.

Now, Change Facebook Language

To get this done, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Facebook profile account
  • Go to account settings and click LanguageMake single name on Facebook using VPN
  • Under the language options, change the language to Bahasa Indonesia
  • When done, click Save Changes.

Having done that, it’s time to change to using Facebook single name.

Use Facebook Single Name or Hide Last Name

  • Still in your Facebook Account, Go to Settings
  • Click General
  • Click Name. Delete the last name and click Review Changesdelete last name on Facebook
  • On the next page, choose save changes

At this point, you have successfully hide the last name on Facebook thus leaving you with a single name.

All your friends will be able to see this change and hopefully, you’d be able to get what you asked for.

If however, you want to change back, disable the VPN or set the proxy address to default and change the Language back.

Cool, right?

Now, let’s look at the second method.

Method 2. Hide Last Name Or Use Single Name On Facebook Without VPN

In this method, we will be looking at how to use one word as your name on Facebook without having to use a VPN or proxy address.

No special browser is required here neither do you require any social app.

Using your preferred browser, log in to this version of Facebook and let’s get started with this guide.

  • Using that link above, log in to your account details on that page
  • Scroll down and tap on Settings & Privacyuse one word as name on facebook - settings and privacy
  • On the next page, select Languageselect language to change language to tamil
  • Under language, select the first option.
  • Search or scroll down and select Tamil as your preferred languagechange language to tamil
  • Thereafter, select Save.

At this point, the language on your account will be changed. If using chrome, you can use the translate option. That way, you can still navigate around without having to deal with understanding Tamil.

Change Name To Single Word

  • Still logged into your account, go to Settings & Privacy
  • Under settings, select Personal information
    personal information on facebook
  • Next, select Name
  • When the name opens, delete the last name and input whatever first name you prefer.
    successfully change name to single name on Facebook
  • When done, click on Review Change
  • You will be required to enter your password
  • Input your password to confirm change and save changes.

At this point, you still ain’t done. You need to change your language back to English. Follow the steps in the beginning of the method 2 and change language back to English or whatever language you prefer.

Method 3. Let me do the work

Can’t same to still get this to work for you? Or perhaps, this seems too comprehensive for you to even try? Let me help you.

If you are still bent on using a single name on Facebook, let me help you in getting that done. Simply send us a message using the contact form with your request. Please note that service isn’t free.

Here is a video to guide you through if you still can’t figure how to go about it.

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Hope this post was helpful in helping you hide your last name on Facebook thus allowing you use a single name on Facebook? If this worked for you, great! If you have questions, please use the comment session.

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