How To Change Your Instagram Username And Display Name

Unlike other social media, Instagram is as free as anything, in the sense that you can actually change your username and display your name as many times as you want. Once you register, it is permanent in some apps unless you want to delete the account entirely. This post is going to reveal to you how to change your display and user name on Instagram.

You might be wondering the difference between your username and your Instagram display name. Well, your username is shown just at the end of your URL and just at the top of your profile.

How To Change Your Instagram Username And Display Name

It is recommended that your username should be as unique as possible. It shouldn’t be more than 30 characters, and it preferably shouldn’t contain underscores, numbers, letters(upper and lower case ), etc. while your display name comes just under the avatar on your profile. When it comes to your display name, special characters are permitted and you can as well use Emoji while writing it.

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So many questions have come up regarding how to change your display and user name. The good news is that it is possible and we’d love to show you how. Please follow the steps below:

How to change your name using the Instagram app

If you are using an Android device or ios, Open the Instagram app and then log in to your account. Some people might have more than one account. That’s cool, but make sure that you are logged in to the right account.

1. Click on the Avatar icon to access your profile.

2. Go ahead and edit your profile( under your bio)

3. Next, fill in the new name on your username area

4. Then click OK.

How to change username using a pc( computer)

1. Open your web browser and click on

2. if you have logged in before, you will be asked to continue

3. Rightly enter your password and username and click on your profile logo

4. click on Edit profile. After that, click ok.

Note: you can actually access your old username, but this time, it will be after 14days. I.e. if there is any mistake or omission while creating the new one. 

What To Do If Your Preferred Username Is Taken?

It is as simple as it sounds. If another user already uses your preferred username, you will be properly notified immediately you click submit or ok. You can not share the same username with another user.

While creating or changing your username, try to add special characters like underscores, numerals, etc. This is necessary to make it unique.

However, it is possible that the username your wanted may still become accessible to you, so keep checking. 

How To Change Your Instagram Username And Display Name

What will happen when you change your Instagram username?

Your Instagram username will be changed instantaneously and your prior username will be freed up once you’ve hit the submit button on your phone or computer. This implies you won’t get it back if someone else takes it (which normally happens after 14 days). 

When you update your Instagram username, your account URL changes, which means that the issue will now appear anywhere your account is linked online. When you change your Instagram username, make sure to update any websites or other social media profiles you have on the internet.

The good news is that it’s still the same account, so you won’t have to start over from scratch. 

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Even if your followers are perplexed by the change, you’ll still have the same number of followers, which could lead to lesser engagement or unfollows. Instagram will immediately update your account anywhere it is displayed, so you don’t have to worry about previous posts you’ve commented on linking to a non-existent account. 

However, it’s possible that posts in which you’ve been tagged will not be updated. People who want to tag you in new posts will need to know your new username.

How to Change Instagram Display Name

To modify your Instagram display name, follow the instructions below:

1. go to your phone’s Instagram app.

2. In the lower right corner, click on your profile symbol.

3. Select Edit profile.

4. To remove your current display name, click the text box next to “Name” and then the Delete icon.

5. Make a new display name for yourself.

6. To save, click “Done.”

How To Change Your Instagram Username And Display Name

Instagram username versus Instagram Display Name

Your Instagram username is not the same as your display name. On mobile Instagram, your display name displays beneath your avatar photo, whereas on desktop Instagram, it appears to the right of it. 

It’s entirely up to you what your display name is. It can include emojis and unusual characters. You can alter your display name as many times as you like by following the same steps as changing your Instagram username.