How To Reduce PDF File Size Without Loosing Its Quality

Portable document format (pdf) is simply software used to display documents in an electronic form. These documents are on the other hand independent of the hardware, software, or the operating system they are viewed on.

PDF files can be unexpectedly large, making them difficult to handle and transmit via email or other platforms if you don’t know how to reduce PDF file size. There are a few simple programs and apps that can help you compress and reduce the size of a PDF file.

These apps and/or programs are capable of handling both regular and encrypted (password-protected) PDF files. Furthermore, the techniques we’ll show you lower the size of a PDF file without sacrificing quality.

So, without further ado, let’s look at how to shrink PDF files without sacrificing quality.

Reduce pdf File Size Without Losing Its Quality By Using Any Of These Tools 

  • Smallpdf
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • 4DotsfreePDFcompress
  • Docupub
  • preview

I will be explaining how each of the tools works.

1. Smallpdf

How to Reduce PDF File Size Without Loosing Its Quality using smallpdf

Apart from Adobe Acrobat, the easiest tool used in reducing pdf files without affecting their quality is Smallpdf. The tool comes with both paid and free versions. This method can also help to reduce pdf files on mobile.

How To Use Smallpdf

1. Go to “” and on the home screen, select “compress pdf

2. Upload the file you want to compress.

3. Immediately after the file uploads, you will have two download options; The strong compressor and the basic compressor option.

4. The basic compression does not reduce the quality of the pdf file and it is a free version. Therefore, you can select that option. However, If you want something of much lesser file size, you can go with the pro version which is the strong compression option.

5. After deciding on which, Click on the compress button for the compression to be made. When done, Click on Download to Download your newly compressed file in a much smaller size than it was.

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2. Adobe Acrobat

How to Reduce PDF File Size Without Loosing Its Quality using acrobat

With Adobe Acrobat installed on your device, you don’t need to look for any other PDF compressor. This is because this particular tool comes with a pdf optimizer that helps in reducing pdf files without affecting their quality.

How to use Acrobat

1. Open the top (Adobe Acrobat ) and select “tools”. From the drop-down menu, Click on the PDF Optimiser option.

2. From the toolbar options that will appear on the screen, choose Reduce File Size

3. Automatically, a default setting to reduce file will be applied on the file you want to reduce.

4. Controls for image quality, typefaces, transparency, and other features are accessible in the ‘Advanced Optimisationoption.

5. In the Advanced Optimisation box, click on the ‘Audit Space Usage‘ button in the top-left corner to see how much space each type of element takes up within the file.

3. Docupub 

How to Reduce PDF File Size Without Loosing Its Quality

This is another pdf compressor, that reduces pdf files without affecting its quality, the only problem this tool has is that it has an upload limit of just 24MB per file.

How To Use Docupub

1. Just like in the case of the Smallpdf tool, Simply go to the website and upload the file you wish to compress.

2. Adjust the rescaling/resize setting and then click on the “upload and resize” option.

3. The file size will change. Thereafter, you can download to have the new compressed file saved.

4. 4Dotsfree pdf Compress

This is another tool you can use to compress your pdf file. It does not require any technical knowledge to use. You can use the paid and the free version of 4Dotsfree pdf compress and you can compress multiple files using this particular tool.

How to use

1. Download and install 4Dotsfree pdf compress on your computer.

2. After installing, click on “ Add file” to upload the file you want to compress.

3. The option to adjust the quality of the image will appear.

4. Finally, click on the “compress option” and click on save.

5. Preview 

How to Reduce PDF File Size Without Loosing Its Quality

This is specially designed for mac users, with this built-in too, and make user can compress their pdf files without affecting their quality 

How To Use Preview In Compressing PDF On Mac

1. Open the pdf file in preview. This should actually be a default option, but in some cases, it is not. If “ preview” is not set as default on your Mac PC, right-click on the pdf file and choose to open with preview.

2. Click on “file”. After that, click on “export “ on the “Quartz filter dropbox”. Select reduce the file size.

3. Automatically, the software will reduce the size of your PDF file with the quality intact.

4. Finally, click on “save” to have the newly compressed file saved on your Mac computer.

These are the five cool ways to actually reduce PDF size without losing its quality and we hope this information was helpful. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to use the comment session.