AT&T Reward Center: How To Claim Your Rewards At AT and T

If you want to retrieve AT&T rewards from the reward center, you need to read this article to the end because it will guide you and help you to claim your AT&T rewards from the reward center.

It is straightforward and easy to retrieve AT&T rewards from the reward center if you know how to do it perfectly.

AT&T is a popular technology company with over 118 million customers across the globe. It is an American company, so its biggest market is in the United States.

AT&T is currently the second-largest mobile phone manufacturer in the United States, and this amazing technology company is the 23rd largest technology company in the world.

About AT&T Reward System

AT&T is a technology company that manufactures products like smartphones, internet service, broadband, landline service, smartphone accessories, and other related products.

The company is known for manufacturing quality and durable smartphones. That is why they are one of the best technology companies in the United States and other world countries. Aside from producing quality products, they are also loyal to their customers, so they created a strategy that will offer both old and new customers a reward after buying a product or service.

So they offer both new and old customers valuable rewards whenever they buy their products or purchase their services. So if you purchase any of the AT&T products or services, you are entitled to a reward from AT&T.

Some AT&T customers don’t redeem or retrieve their AT&T reward because they don’t know how to do it. That is why I’m writing this informative article so that you will be able to redeem your AT&T reward successfully. Make sure you read this article to the end if you are one of the AT&T customers that can’t retrieve their AT&T reward.

Getting Started With Claiming Your Reward At AT and T Reward Center

First, You need to check your email for an AT&T notification showing that you have received a reward for the AT&T service or product you purchase. The reward email will contain the reward valid duration (it is within 30 days).

The email will also instruct you on how to redeem the AT&T reward and provide the link to the reward center of the AT&T technology company. However, if you are still having difficulty with that, here’s a guide to help you claim your reward at AT and T reward Center.

How To Retrieve AT&T Reward From Reward Center

1. To retrieve your reward, visit the official webpage of the AT&T reward center, which is

2. When the page opens, click on “Access Your Rewards“.

official reward center of the AT&T technology company


2. You will be required to enter the claim number in the provided box and submit all the required information like zip code, account number, and others. Then click Access Your Rewards to continue.

3. You will be directed to claim your AT&T reward. In case you have already claimed it or someone else has claimed your reward, you will be directed to the reward tracker so that you will be able to know the status of the reward.

4. Now, after you have successfully claimed your AT&T reward from the reward center, you will receive an email immediately that will indicate that you have claimed your reward and when it will be delivered to you after completing the redemption process.

In most cases, AT&T rewards are delivered within four to six weeks after the process has been completed or successful.

Please Note: If you share your reward number or code, including the details, with someone else, they can claim it on your behalf with or without your approval.

It is very important to redeem your AT&T reward within 30 days of getting the mail because it will expire if the reward exceeds 30 days.

Although there are other methods of retrieving or redeeming your AT&T reward, this is the official method of doing it.

Frequently Asked Question On AT&T Reward Redemption

Can I retrieve my AT&T reward card if I lost my reward card?

If you lost your AT&T reward card, you need to contact any AT&T Reward Centers closer to you to retrieve it by calling the number located on the contact page. A representative at the AT&T Center will assist you with your claim.

If my AT&T reward is expired, can you still redeem it?

No, AT&T doesn’t accept the reward that has run out of time. For this reason, it is essential to redeem your AT&T reward immediately after you get the email so that it won’t pass its expiry date before you claim it.

How Can I Change The Name On The Reward Card?

Before you can change the name on your reward card, you need to change your AT&T service account first. So if you want to change your AT&T service account, you need to contact your local AT&T service center to do so.

After you have changed or updated the name in your AT&T service account, the AT&T service center will confirm the information with the reward center to ensure the name on your reward card is also changed.

For more information about AT&T reward redemption, you can visit the official website of the reward center at


If you don’t retrieve your AT&T reward whenever you buy any AT&T product or service because you don’t know how it works or how to do it retrieve it, then this informative article will help you, and you will be able to retrieve your AT&T reward at the reward center without any stress in the process of retrieving it.