About Us

Originally founded in 2011, HubSidy is centered around all things relating to Technology.

Precisely mobile technology. Mobile technology in this case, involves smart phones, gadgets and computers. However, on the long run, we aim to include other technological areas.

Although the blog was originally founded in 2011, it has passed through quite a number of transitions. This includes change of names.

How HubSidy Started

The initial name was trueinternetworld.blogspot.com under the blogger platform and in same year, moved to a custom domain. Trueinternetworld.com to be precised.

Few years down the line, it transitioned through names and only a recent time back, Hubsidy.com.

We know how displeasing this can be. However, we’ve always carried our audience as well as our contents across these transitions.

We are not comfortable doing this but due to unforeseen circumstances, it happened. We really hope it doesn’t happen going forth. However, this isn’t the intent about the about us page. We just want to give an insight.

What HubSidy Stands For

As earlier mentioned, HubSidy Blog is a platform centered around Technology and that’s precisely what is it.

Here In, we share information regarding mobile phones, computers, how tos, tricks, apps and the likes.

The platform contains basically quality content and for every content you stumble upon, you are sure the content answers your intent.

If by chance, you stumble on a content that doesn’t fully answer your query, please be sure to use the contact form in reaching us. There’s also a feedback form at the end of every post. You can use that in sending us a feedback regarding the particular post that didn’t solve your issue. We promise we’d respond as soon as we can and possibly help you in your quest.

Over the years, we’ve always chosen quality over quantity and we aim to keep it that way.

What next?

We’ve got plans for HubSidy. Oh yes! However, we also need your support.


It’s actually simple. All we ask is that you engage with our contents and share them on your social media platforms using the share buttons beneath their respective posts.

If you find a post that answers your query, please share using the share buttons. This process only takes a few seconds and other than helping us, you are helping your friends and followers.


Since the content was useful for you, it will definitely be useful for them as well.

Can I Contribute On HubSidy?

Currently, we do not accept guest posts on this website. However, if you are enthusiastic about the kind of topics we share on this blog and you have no intent of promoting any thing whatever, be sure to reach us via the contact form.

We’d more than happy to go through your content.

If you have further inquiries, the contact form works just fine.

About The Founder

Samuel Adeniyi is a Graduate of Computer science. He found his love for phones since the early age of java phones. Having played and enjoyed using the Nokia 3310, he has transitioned between phones over the years.

His love for phones, the subject and the zeal to educate people on how to use phones gave birth to HubSidy blog. Through this platform, he shares most of the things worth sharing in regards smart phones and how to aid the common man on the use of smart phones and other related gadgets.

Hope this ABOUT page answers all you need to know about this blog and more importantly, hope you enjoy going through what this blog has to offer.