HubSidy has over the years, shown to be a very fast-growing platform for technology knowledge sharing. Not only do we bride over our thousands of monthly visitors, but we also have plans of increasing that number over the coming years.

How do we plan on doing that? By making visitors happy. We try to stick to sharing content that we believe is useful to our readers while maintaining a healthy platform for users to read and navigate through.

Here at HubSidy Media, we are more than happy to have you join us on that journey. We are excited to become your collaboration partner. For the sake of transparency, we’ve decided to come up with this page.

Hopefully, this gives you an idea of what/who we can and cannot work with. This measure was again, put in place for the sake of transparency as we intend to adhere to it. But first, let’s talk about which advertising option we have on Hubsidy at this time.

What Is A Sponsored Post?

In simple terms, A sponsored post is a blog post paid for by a company or an individual. Sponsored posts are usually promotional in one way or the other.

Who Is It For?

Sponsored are basically for:

  • Brands
  • Website Owners
  • Marketing Agencies
  • App Developers

Sponsored Post Guidelines

While we are more than happy to have your post or product/service talked about on our platform, there are guidelines to be met. This is put in place for a healthy environment and should help both advertisers and the hubsidy team alike.

  • Content can be submitted by prospective clients. However, it needs to conform to the theme of our platform. We may not be able to publish a sponsored post that does not conform to our theme.
  • A maximum of 2 links are allowed in a post. However, they will be “nofollow”. In line with Google’s guideline for sponsored review, we will NOT add a do-follow link to your website.
  • We require submitted content to be unique and of quality. We pride ourselves on maintaining only unique and quality content on HubSidy. Regardless of the post being paid for, we plan to keep it that way.
  • We can also write the best content for your product or service with a minimum of 1000 words. That will, however, come at an extra price different from that of publication cost.
  • Sponsored posts will be tagged as “Promoted“. This way, users know they are viewing sponsored content.
  • Your sponsored post should have a high-resolution, copyright-free image. We reserve the right to take down the sponsored post if it violates any copyright rules.
  • We have the right to remove links from sponsored posts after 1 year of publication.

Payment Terms

Payment is prepaid. This means payment needs to be made and confirmed before the post is published. However, we urge you to submit your content for review before making payment. We require that you use the contact form to reach us regarding this.

To avoid posts being declined, please follow the guidelines above. Also, endeavor that the post is unique, SEO Optimized, of high quality, conforms with our platform theme, and should be a minimum of 1000 words.

After the content has passed review and payment has been confirmed, the post will be published within 24 hours.

We hope we’ve been able to answer questions you may have about our sponsored post guidelines. Over time, we will be updating the information here as we make adjustments. Again, we look forward to working with you.