New Netflix Monthly Subscription Prices In Nigeria 2023

Netflix is a popular on-demand streaming platform founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in Scotts Valley, California, United States.

When creating this content, Netflix is available for all internet users regardless of your location or your device operating system.

Netflix is one of the most used streaming platforms in Nigeria. If you have been streaming on Netflix or just created your Netflix account, you need to read this informative article before you start or continue streaming on the popular on-demand streaming platform.

At the beginning of this year, there are some changes and upgrade in Netflix’s monthly subscription price in Nigeria. That is why I’m creating this informative content to let you know the new Netflix monthly subscription price in Nigeria today.

Netflix Monthly Subscription Prices In Nigeria

New Netflix Monthly Subscription Prices In Nigeria

Netflix is one of the international platforms that allows Nigerians to pay in their local currencies to make the payment process fast and easy.

There is no frequent change in Netflix monthly subscription prices in Nigeria, but the major difference in Netflix prices that occur frequently is the currency exchange rate.

It is no longer news that Naira’s value is not stable over the past six years. The Nigerian naira keeps decreasing in value year after year. That is the major reason why Netflix’s monthly subscription price keeps changing and increasing when converted into Nigerian currency, Naira.

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So in this informative article, I will exchange the Netflix monthly subscription prices for the naira exchange rate today.

Current Netflix Basic Subscription Price in Nigeria

Current Netflix monthly subscription prices in Nigeria

The basic plan is the first and cheapest Netflix subscription plan in Nigeria. It is considered the most used Netflix subscription plan because it is cheaper than other Netflix monthly subscription plans.

At the moment of writing this article, the Basic Netflix monthly subscription plan costs 2,900 NGN. The Standard plan costs NGN3,600 while the Premium costs N4,400 monthly.

The basic monthly subscription plan on Netflix is designed for most mobile users and allows one user to access one screen at a time. It is designed for one person. If you are on a basic subscription plan on Netflix, you can’t share your subscription plan with your family or friends until you upgrade your monthly subscription plan to a standard or premium plan on Netflix today.

Aside from that, the resolution of a basic monthly subscription plan is limited to SD – Standard Resolution, which is very poor compared to premium and standard subscription plans on Netflix, which allow users to stream in HD and ultra 4K.

Updated Netflix Standard Subscription Price in Nigeria

The standard subscription plan is the second subscription plan on Netflix, and it is more expensive than the basic subscription plan.

The standard subscription monthly plan comes with many benefits that are not included in the basic subscription plan on Netflix.

One of the benefits that come with a standard subscription plan is more than one screen watch.

All standard subscription plan users on Netflix are allowed to watch on more than one screen, which means you can share your Netflix subscription with your friends or family if you subscribe to the standard plan on Netflix.

The standard Netflix subscription plan also comes with HD, which increases the user’s experience and adds more value to the pictures and other details about the movie, program, or channel.

At the moment of creating this informative content, Netflix’s standard monthly subscription plan costs 3,600 NGN.

Netflix Premium Subscription Price in Nigeria

The Netflix premium subscription is the most expensive Netflix monthly subscription plan when creating this article, and it is currently available for NGN4,400.

All Nigerian users on Netflix are expected to pay 4,400 NGN a month for Netflix premium subscription plan.

This premium subscription plan on Netflix allows users to watch at least four screens at the same time, which is considered the best for family and friends because four Netflix users can use this subscription plan to watch different channels, movies, or programs at the same time.

Aside from that, the premium Netflix monthly subscription plan supports both HD and 4K Ultra HD video, which offers a better user experience than the Basic and Standard Netflix subscription plans.

Netflix Payment Method For Nigerians

Netflix Payment Method For Nigerians

Netflix is one of the international or non-Nigeria technology companies that make payment easy and simple for Nigerians. It is simple and easy to make payments for your Netflix monthly subscription in Nigeria. All you need to do is to log on to the official website of Netflix.

Login to your account, then follow the payment instruction to make payment for your monthly subscription. You can use your MasterCard, Visa Card, PayPal, and all the available payment methods.

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