[Updated] Access Bank Visa Card Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate 2022

If you use Access Bank Debit / Visa card and you tend to make payments online, you probably would be wondering what the current exchange rate is. Or perhaps, what is the Access Bank Dollar to Naira exchange rate.

Well, as you probably already know, the Naira to Dollar exchange rate has been on the rise for a while now.

Until recently, Access Bank exchange rate for Dollar to Naira has been around N335 for months now. However, that has changed with much difference.

I paid for an online service today and the price was just $4.46 (4.46 USD). Using my Access Bank Visa Card which i linked to my PayPal account, I was charged N1650.20.

payment using access bank visa card

Doing the maths, Access Bank charged me N370 per dollar. Hence, if you are wondering what Access Bank current exchange rate is for a dollar, it is N370.

access bank dollar to naira exchange rate

A friend, earlier today, mentioned that GTB charged her N350 per dollar. That’s N20 difference between both banks.

While the difference is small, at least for the kind of payment I just made, imagine buying something online worth $1000. That would be a difference of N20,000 between both banks.

Anyway, the point is, Access Bank PLC currently charges N370 per dollar which in my opinion, is on the high side.

Updated Access Bank Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate

Update (September 6, 2016)

N395 per dollar is what the bank is currently charging using it’s VISA CARD as of 6th of September, 2016.

Update (October 3, 2016)

Access bank now charges N420 (Four Hundred and Twenty Naira) to a dollar. Of course, this is using it’s VISA Card.

Update (October 19, 2016)

Access bank now charges N380 (three hundred and Eighty Naira) per dollar. This is a bit better than what we’ve been getting for the past few weeks.

Update (December 2, 2016)

As at today being December 2nd, 2016, Access bank charges NGN325 to a dollar using it’s Visa Card. No doubt, this is the cheapest rate in a long while.

Update(December 29, 2016)

Access bank exchange rate using it’s VISA Card still remains at N325 to a dollar when making purchases online.

Update (June, 2017)

For the month of June, 2017, Access bank charges N375 per dollar. This means, if you are to make dollar payment(s) online using your Access Bank Visa card, you will be charged N375 for each dollar.

Update (January, 2018)

As of today being the 18th of January, 2018, the current Access Bank Dollar to Naira exchange rate is N367 to a dollar. Over the past few months, or rather, for the most part of 2017, the exchange rate was at 375 to a dollar.

However, upon making online payments for a few services today using the Access bank Visa card, i was charged N367 per dollar. Of course, i had to make more than one payment to fully confirm this.

Hence, if you are wondering what the January 2018 dollar to Naira exchange rate is using the bank’s VISA card, it’s N367 per dollar.

Update (March, 2018)

The exchange rate for dollar to Naira using Access Bank Visa card hasn’t changed as the rate still stands at N367 per dollar.

Update – April, 2018

For the month of April, I have confirmed the Access bank Dollar to Naira current exchange rate to still be NGN367 per dollar. This has been the rate for months now and apparently, hasn’t changed.

Exchange rate in the Parallel market hasn’t seen a huge difference either. Rates (if selling) has been between NGN360 and NGN367 for the past few months now.

Update – July, 2021

For the month of July 2021, access bank charges N450 per dollar transaction. That is, $1 = N450. This means, for each dollar transaction, you pay N450. For example, if you pay a $10 bill using your Access bank’s Naira card, you will be charged N4500.

This isn’t based off a data on the internet but instead, a real transaction. Every month, I make payments using the card and I tend to update this post accordingly. Sometimes, I miss a month or two but I try to get it updated whenever i get the chance to.

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