Best Data Plan For Streaming Movies And Shows On Netflix In Nigeria

Are you wondering what is the best data plan for watching movies on Netflix? Or, you are not enjoying your Netflix subscription due to constant buffering when watching movies? Or perhaps, you have a pretty convenient plan but you are being limited? Look no further, nTel to the rescue!

Now, this isn’t me trying to advertise a service to you (well, maybe i am), but i am not being paid to. I am just doing what i love to do best. And that’s actually sharing what works for me.

Few days back, i published an article stating that nTel 4G LTE service works on the Tecno Camon C9 phone and, i also shared screenshots of speedtest conducted. Truth is, since i started using nTel, surfing the internet and consuming data has been fun.

Watching netflix using nTel Unlimited Data plan

I have been using GLO non-stop for over years now (Yes! i am that loyal). It’s no doubt the ISP offers the cheapest data plan in the country presently. While the news is really fascinating, it gives room for frustration. Yeah, i do not necessary have to dig deep into that issue. I believe you know what i am taking about.

Point is, being a heavy data user (I like to think i am), i usually subscribe to glo 48GB plan for N8000 every month and for the past few weeks / months, the only time i get to enjoy my subscription, is during the night time.

Thanks to GLO, i was forced to give nTel a trial and i am not sure i want to leave nTel anytime soon. Now, that’s beginning to sound like too much praise right? Don’t mind me! I like to shower praises on what works for me. At least, for the time it works.

Use nTel Unlimited Data Plans For Watching Movies on NetFlix

Going back to the main subject matter, i am sure you already got the gist. In the last 4 days, i have consumed over 19GB of data using nTel (If you are the type who can consume data for Africa, that’s probably not much).

I watch movies on Netflix anytime of the day whenever i am less busy and to be candid, i barely experience buffering during the course of watching any movie.

The only downtime however, since i started using nTel, would be the download speed. While surfing and watching videos is awesome, downloading speed isn’t. Not even close! Although, i am guessing this could be due to the fact that the network strength here is very weak as it doesn’t show any network bar. Just the network name and the fact that 4G is displayed.

nTel Unlimited Data Packages

nTel currently has three basic plans – a 2 day plan, weekly and monthly plan. The 2 day plan costs NGN1000 while the weekly plan costs NGN3,000. The monthly plan on the other hand, costs NGN10,000.

Now, if you ask me whether or not the NGN10,000 monthly plan is worth it, Wait! Are you seriously still asking? Yes! It is. I rather pay NGN10,000 and enjoy unlimited internet for a month, rather than pay NGN8000 and only enjoy surfing at night or early hours of the day (precisely before 7/8am).

Another downside however, would be coverage. nTel in my opinion, is still relatively new and doesn’t have as much network coverage compared to other ISPs in Nigeria. Hence, you may want to do some senior survey regarding network coverage in your geographical location before choosing to spend your hard earned money. Every penny counts in this recession o!

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