Cheapest Glo Data Plans and Their Subscription Codes 2022

These are the updated cheapest Glo data plans and their subscription codes for the year 2019.

Still on the mission of making information available to my readers in regards cheap internet data plans to rock on their android, blackberry, iPad, iPhone and computer devices, I have got some information to share.

Before now, we’ve often talked on the ongoing Glo Overload Promo. It isn’t new. Most people are aware of this and it’s so not cool that other glo users ain’t aware. It is to this fact, I have decided to bring up this post which should aid glo subscribers on how to utilize their glo sim this promo season.

Before now, we have talked on how to get 4.5GB of data for just N2500 which can be used 24 hours of the day. We also shared how to get 2.5GB of data for N2000. However, I would advise the latter. Without much talks, let’s hit the hammer on the nail.

cheapest glo data plans and subscription codes

Cheapest Glo Data Plan For BlackBerry Devices

For blackberry 10 users, the glo bis plan which is comonth to 777, still happens to be the best plan for those devices. With just N1000, you get 3GB data bundle and it can be shared to other devices which has got WiFi. I am currently using this plan on my laptop via a BB10 phone. This plan also works for lower BlackBerry versions running OS7 downwards.

Cheapest Glo Data Plan For Android Devices

For android users, you are required to change your android IMEI to a blackberry IMEI in other to enjoy using the glo 1K for 3GB subscription on it. We’ve published a post on how to do this which you can access here. For infinix phone and Tecno phone users, you can use this method in changing your IMEI. We’d be glad to help you with a blackberry IMEI if you request using the comment form.

Cheapest Glo Internet Data Plan For iPhone, iPad and Computers and their subscription codes

Since the glo overload plan is still ongoing and it’s expected to last for 4 months counting from December 3rd 2014, you should utilize it on those devices before it closes.

First and foremost, make sure you’ve opted in for glo overload bonus by dialing *200# and for every recharge over N200, you get 200% bonus.

For the data plans, you get 2.5GB for N2000 by dialing *127*55#. You can 4.5GB for N2500 by dialing *127*5*#. For the always min plan, you get 12GB for N5000 by dialing *127*2#. For always Max plan, you get 24GB for N8000 by dialing *127*1#. Those are the cheapest data plans to rock on glo this 2015. However, be aware that this data promo is ongoing for four months starting from December 3, 2014.

If you have any questions relating to this cheap internet data plans from Glo Nigeria and their subscription codes, you can use the comment form and we will reply you ASAP.

Cheapest GLO Data Plans and Subscription Code For 2019

Although this post was initially written in 2015, this is an updated version. The contents here are valid for the month of February 2018 and until stated otherwise, they should be valid for subsequent months too. You can expect to see an updated post if anything chances.

Here, i will be stated the cheapest glo data plan for Android, iPhone, iPad and computers. First, let’s outline the plans, price and validity periods.

Daily GLO Data plans and Subscription Codes

Below are the daily glo internet data plans and their respective subscription codes. The daily internet subscription has a validity period of 24 hours.

  • 30MB for ₦50 valid for 1 day. To activate, dial *127*14#.
  • ₦100 for 100MB valid for 1 day. To activate, dial *127*51#.
  • ₦200 for 200MB valid for 3 days. To subscribe, dial *127*56#.

Weekly GLO Data Plans and Their Subscription Codes

Currently, glo only offers one weekly data plan. The weekly data plan has a validity period of 7 days.

₦500 for 1.6GB valid for 7 days. To subscribe, Dial *127*57#.

GLO Monthly Data Plans And Activation Codes

Below are the monthly glo data plans and their activation codes. Please be aware that the monthly plan has a validity period of 30 days.

  • ₦1,000 for 3.2GB valid for 30 days. To subscribe, dial *127*53#.
  • ₦2,000 for 7.5GB valid for 30 days, dial *127*55# to subscribe.
  • ₦2,500 for 10GB valid for 30 days, dial *127*58# to activate.
  • ₦3,000 for 12GB valid for 30 days, dial *127*54# to activate.
  • ₦4,000 for 18GB valid for 30 days, dial *127*59# to activate.
  • ₦5,000 for 24GB valid for 30 days, dial *127*2# to activate.
  • ₦8,000 for 48GB valid for 30 days, dial *127*1# to activate.
  • ₦15,000 for 60GB valid for 30 days, dial *127*12# to activate.
  • ₦18,000 for 90GB valid for 30 days, dial *127*13# to activate.

GLO Night and Weekend Data Plans

Currently, glo offers night and weekend data plan. This plan is only valid during the night time and during the weekend. What this means is, you can either activate the plan to be used during the night, or during the weekend.

During the night time, the data plan is only valid from 12am to 5am.

₦200 for 1GB night plan valid for one night. Dial *127*60# to activate.

How To Check Glo Data Balance

To check your current glo data plan balance, simply send INFO to 127 or dial *127*0#. For more details on this, read here.

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