Glo Overload Promo : Get 200% Bonus On Recharges And Data Subscription

The year is gradually coming to an end and it’s pretty nice to see that a lot of offers are been brought to limelight as glo launches the Overload promo which gives you 200% bonus on recharge and data subscription.

Just before you go wondering what this entails, I am here to give you an insight. Globacom Nigeria has launched a new promo called Glo OVERLOAD. This promo allows you get a whooping 200% bonus when you recharge your glo sim with over 200 Naira or subscribe to any data plan that’s above 2000 naira. Not only that, you could be winner of cash prices.

GLO Overload Bonus On Recharge

Talking about the 200% bonus on recharges, this means that when you recharge N200 on your sim glo, you get an extra N400 as bonus. N200 main balance and N400 bonus balance which equals N600 total. That’s very similar to the glo bumpa plan but they’ve got their differences.

The bonus credit has got a limitation. A 200 naira recharge bonus is valid for 2 days. A N500 naira bonus is valid for 3 days, N1000 for 7 days, N2000 for 15 days and N5000 bonus is valid for 15 days also. The bonus airtime given can only be used between 10PM and 8AM.

GLO Overload Bonus On Data Subscription

If you are using your glo sim for glo comonth bis plan which cost just N1000, sorry you can’t benefit from this and this is because the 200% bonus is applicable on data subscriptions worth N2000 and above.

glo overload promo on recharge and data

In this case, if you subscribe to a glo data plan worth N2000, you get 1.9GB data as bonus. If you subscribe to glo plan worth N3000, you get 4.5GB as bonus. If you subscribe to glo data plan worth N8000, you get a whooping 24GB. However, the data plans comes with a one-month validity period.

Although you cannot use the bonus data plans for gifting, you can actually share them with whoever you want to share with as long as the recipient is on the glo network.

How Long Is This Offer and How do I Opt-In?

The Glo Overload promo comes with a duration of 4 months. This means that the promotion is just for 4 months.

To opt in, simply dial *200#. Its free hence no need to panic.

As earlier stated, you also get a chance to win cash prizes when you opt-in for the promo. This promo is open to new and existing customers on the glo network.

You can check on the GLO website Here for more information or ask your questions using the comment form and I will reply ASAP.

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