How To Check Glo Bumpa Free Bonus Credit Balance

In this article, we will be teaching you how to check Glo Bumpa free bonus credit balance. If you use your glo sim basically for Internet subscription like BIS and you are not on the glo bumpa package than OYO has been your case lol.

Come to think of it, wouldn’t it be nice if you recharge 1000 naira for glo blackberry subscription and get 2000 Naira worth of airtime free as bonus?

It’s awesome right?

It’s more or less like you are getting your money back and subscribing to glo bis plan for free.

If you are just hearing this for the first time then I really feel for you lol. You have been throwing lot of credit airtime away to the dustbin.

I have been rocking this for months now and I always feel happy when I want to recharge my glo line in other to subscribe to glo bis which I use my glo line basically for.

check glo bumpa plan balance

Please Note: Call rates on glo bumpa package are charged at 50K/sec (50 kobo per second) to all networks. You will only enjoy the package if you use your sim basically for subscription as calls are very expensive.

Call rates at 50K/sec will amount to 30N/min. The only amazing part of this plan is that you get double of what you recharge.

For example, if you recharge 500 Naira, you will be given an extra 1000 naira which is the bumpa bonus and if you recharge N1000, you get an extra N2000 making a total sum of N3000. If you then subscribe to glo bis plan with N1000, you are left with N2000 which you can use for calls and text messages.

To Migrate to Glo Bumpa package, simply dial Dial *100*10*1#.

How To Check Glo Bumpa Bonus Balance

If you are one of those who are already rocking their glo bumpa plan, that’s good. If you’d like to check your bonus account balance, here is know how to check your glo bumpa bonus credit balance:

Simply dial #122*2# and send. Your Glo bumpa bonus credit balance will be displayed for you on your phone screen.

To deactivate glo bumpa plan, simply migrate to another tariff plan on the glo network. Example of packages you should look into, is the glo infinito plan.

I will say it again o, if you are not on glo bumpa package and your line is used basically for internet subscription, you are on a loooooooooooooong thing lol.

BTW, OYO means On Your Own.

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