Buying And Importing Goods From Aliexpress Free Shipping Works – My Experience

Aliexpress is not new and as a matter of fact, you may be wondering how come i am just coming up with this post now after all these years. Well, the gospel truth is that i haven’t tried using the site until recently and until i get detailed fact, i didn’t want to write anything about it.

Based on the fact that i recently ordered some products on Aliexpress site with some level of skepticism and using the free delivery service, i got it delivered few days back and i have decided to come up with a full experience to aid those who are thinking whether or not the site deals are legit.

This post will contain all the process it entailed, how it worked and pretty much everything you should know. If you’ve got any question (s), i am more than happy to respond using the comment session.

Buying From Aliexpress Online Market – The Process

It was precisely on the 30th of Last month being September, that i made orders for two items on Aliexpress. When trying to buy from the site, there are two factors i was looking very much interested in other than the items i am looking at purchasing and that’s the Customers Feedback and Ratings.

Customers feedback and ratings isn’t just essential when it comes to the online shopping mall, it’s required in pretty much any dealing. You should be keen on whether people think about a certain product or seller before committing your hard earned money.

shopping from aliexpress to Nigeria using free shipping

These two things come to place when looking at not being scammed. If a buyer has been scammed before, he/she will post a feedback comment which anyone who wants to buy from that seller will see and have a change of heart.

The rating clearly states how genuine the seller and the products are. These two things should be put to consideration when buying from any popular online market.

Payment Methods On Aliexpress

Personally, I made payment using my credit card details (Access bank Visa Card precisely) since they do not have PayPal payment method. Before making payments, please be sure that the details in your account are accurate and you have also verified your email address.

Making payments using your local credit card means you will be charged at your bank’s current exchange rate. When buying from an online shopping mall as a Nigerian, the price is in US Dollars. Making payment using my credit card which obviously is in Naira value, i was charged the exchange rate.

Free Shipping On Aliexpress – How It Works

Yes! I actually choose the free shipping method. Using this method doesn’t require me making any extra payment for the items purchased.

Most express shipping services like EMS, DHL and sorts charge pretty high for a common wrist watch. Free shipping was definitely the way to go. However, free shipping ain’t always the best options every time.

If you are choosing to use free shipping service, you should be getting your product in 2 weeks time or even more. This solely depends on when the product was shipped by the seller. Another reason your product could take longer time, is your location. Using paid corrier/shipping services like EMS and DHL takes only a matter of days before you receive your product. Faster, but expensive.

Owing to the fact that i wasn’t willing to pay that high amount of money for shipping (the cost of shipping was more expensive than the product(s) bought), free shipping was the only option i was left with.

How Long Did The Free Shipping Take For Me To Get My Product?

22 days if my calculations are correct. As earlier stated, i placed my orders and made payments on the 30th of September, 2014. I got the items received at the post office here in Lagos, Nigeria precisely on the 22nd of October, 2014.

I am sure you should be able to do the math and correct me if i miscalculated. As you can tell, 22 days is a whole lot of time. That’s about 3 weeks and a day. It took that long to receive my ordered item here in Nigeria.

Requirements Before Being Given Your Product At The Post Office

Since using free shipping, the goods do not get delivered to your doorstep. Instead, it is delivered to the nearest post office.

I don’t know about other countries but in Nigeria, valid proof of identity is required before collection. Being Naive at that point, I thought going to the post office with my tracking codes will do, but I was wrong.

On getting there, I was told to present my ID card. Since I didn’t go with any initially, i had to return home to get my working ID card. Presenting, it was declined and it was made clear that a Drivers License, National ID Card, or an International Passport are the accepted means of identity. Hence, I had to return home again and search for my National ID card before I could get my items.

I am sure you’d like to see what I ordered, right?? Oh well, nothing much. Just a blazer and a wristwatch. Those were the stuff that was on my mind when looking at what to purchase from the site. See the picture before they were unwrapped by yours truly.

Just those little things depended on that much stress on my part. But, I guess it was worth it as I am more experienced now and I get to share with you, my esteemed readers.

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There you have it. My detailed experience with shopping on Aliexpress. If you have any questions as regards shopping on aliexpress, feel free to convey them to me using the comment session and I will reply to you. Cheers!

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