Sign Up For Access Bank Internet Banking And Get Free Token For Transactions

I actually got the message from Access bank much earlier this month October talking about getting a free token upon signing up for their internet banking service. This offer was said to be available to the first 10000 customers to sign up this month.

I immediately rush up to sign up on their website. Ideally not for the free token promised but basically to try it out and if it works as supposed, I will be putting up a post on this blog to reflect that. That’s exactly what am doing here now.

Introduction To Token For Internet Banking Transactions

If you are new to internet banking, you’d probably be wondering what is a token. A token is more or less like a security key to internet banking transactions.  It’s required by virtually every bank before being able to conduct any transaction via their internet banking platform.

Of course, you can still check your account balance via internet banking without a token but no transaction can be conducted. Tokens come in two variants;  hard and soft tokens. In this case, access bank offers the soft token. Don’t worry, read further to get a full drift on this.

access bank internet banking

Access Bank Internet Banking Registration

Now, as earlier stated. The initial time I got the email, I rushed up to their website at to sign up but I couldn’t. I was frequently shown some data errors (phone number issues) and asked to visit the nearest bank.

A few days after, I reached the bank branch closest to me which is quite distant from my place. I was asked to update my details.  Ordinarily, I knew I had lost the phone number used in creating the account and that was obviously the only detail I needed to update.

After everything was done, I was told to download Entrust OTP from the Google Play store and also register on the website again. On getting home, I went on my laptop and registered again using my account number as the first required information, and this time, it worked out fine without issues as I can view my account balance and latest transactions but then, I can’t transact online because I haven’t got my token.

Getting Access Bank Internet Banking Token

As earlier instructed by an attendant in the access bank branch I visited, After registering on the website and downloading Entrust OTP application on my android phone, I visited the bank again in regards to getting a Token.

As earlier stated, in this case, I was only offered a soft token which will be implemented via the Entrust OTP app on my phone. Hence, using an android phone is a necessity. I filled up a form for this in the bank again and I was told a push message will be sent to me within 24 hours.

The next day, an attendant from access bank called me and guild me through codes and steps to configure the Entrust OTP app. All instructions were done over the phone. For a techie kinda guy, they were very easy steps to follow and no push message was sent whatsoever.

After successful steps and all, I needed to test run and that’s where making a transaction online via the internet banking platform comes to play. Since I had no money transfer to make at that point in time,  recharging my phone via the internet banking platform was the best choice for confirmation. And Yes, it worked out fine.

If you are an Access Bank Account holder and you are used to sending money from your account and sorts, instead of going to the bank, and standing in a queue to make those transactions, why not make good use of this golden opportunity and send money from your account right from the comfort of your home. There is still time to get your hands on the free token given by access bank to new internet banking sign-ups.

BTW, I hope you are aware of the fact that you can easily verify your Nigerian PayPal account using Access Bank card and via the-same PayPal account, pay for goods or services online with ease.

In subsequent posts,  I will be writing on how to make transactions online using access bank internet banking platform and the Entrust OTP application installed on your android phone with ease.

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