Verify Nigeria PayPal Account Using Access Bank Visa Credit Card

Yes, I just successfully verified my Nigeria PayPal account using Access Bank Visa Credit Card. You would recall that a few days back, we announced that PayPal had extended its services to Nigeria and other 10 countries. On that same post, we made it clear that funds can’t be received via the account. However, we haven’t confirmed that yet ourselves.

Oh well, that isn’t the main subject for this post. We are focusing on how to verify a PayPal account opened using Nigeria as the country with the aid of Access Bank Visa Card.

Although before now, we have heard that Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) Mastercard was used in verifying a PayPal account. A friend and reader also confirmed that UBA Card works also. Fidelity Bank via an email from them, made it known that their cards can be used in Verifying a PayPal account. We didn’t hear anything regarding Access Bank credit card but we have successfully verified PayPal account using the VISA Card provided by Access Bank PLC.

If you have signed up for a Nigeria PayPal account, then we can proceed. If you haven’t signed up yet, Please check out our post which talked on how to Create a Nigerian PayPal account Legally.

paypal now accept Nigeria in their service

Using Access Bank Visa Credit Card To Verify A Nigeria PayPal Account

We would assume that you have got your active Access Bank VISA Credit Card. If you haven’t, we would advice that you contact your bank’s branch to inquire how to activate your credit card. However, we know the quickest way to activating your card for the first time is by changing its Default Pin.


==> Log into your PayPal account and click on the ‘Get Verified‘ button

==> Where you are asked what type of card, in this case, choose VISA

==> You will required to input the correct details of the credit card

==> Details to fully take note of are; Credit Card Number, Expiry Date, Security code of the card(VCC) which can be found behind the credit card you are holding.

Please Note: You should have a minimum of N400 which can be withdrawn. The last time i checked, you needed to have a non-withdrawable amount of N1000 in the account. Summing that up with what’s required, you needed to have a minimum of N1400 in the account of the credit card as PayPal will make a debit of about N319 equivalent in dollars.

==> When done imputing the correct details, check on Submit.

==> You will be required to wait for about 24 to 48 hours. In my case, i got the debit alert within an hour with the transaction code which you are to take note of.

==> When you get your debit alert, take note of the transaction code which could be found within the description(Narrative) of the transaction.

==> Log in back to your PayPal account, look to the right side of the page and click on verify Credit Card or Bank

==> Type in the four digit code and click Proceed.

If successful, you should get the message as displayed in the screenshot below:

verify nigerian paypal account

Click on close and navigate to your PayPal account homepage(Dashboard), this time, you should see a verified notification as seen in the screenshot below:

nigeria paypal account now verified

There you have it. You have successfully verified your Nigeria PayPal account using Access Bank VISA Card.

Can I Use Another Access Bank Card In Verifying A Nigerian PayPal Account?

Personally, I believe if any other Access Bank Credit or debit card has been used in successfully making a purchase online or settling a purchase, it could be used in Verifying a PayPal account.

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