PicMix – Download Software For Mixing, Editing, Sharing, Creating Photo Memories Online

Are you in need of a photo editing software compatible on both mobile and computer devices for mixing, editing, creating picture memories and been able to share those pictures online with your Facebook or twitter friends via just same software or application? Then PicMix is for you.

For some couple of months now, i have been seeing some pictures online and via bbm display pictures with a trademark and have heard about the application been talked on some forums, sites and so on.

For some people, using picmix isn’t new. The only problem with some is the inability to use them or better still, where to download the software app.

picmix software application for editing pictures

PicMix Software Application

PicMix is a social photo sharing application/software that enables you create picture memories, edit your photos to your taste and share them online if you want.

Fine, i understand that it might be quite confusing when i said create picture memories, what i actually meant is that, with picmix app, you can fix different pictures into different position in a frame and which could tell about some memories like love, marriage and so on.

PicMix Features

PicMix allows you put your picture in fancy and stylish frames thereby making it appear more beautiful.

With PicMix, you can also create frames of your own for your pictures using the custom frame feature if you are not satisfied with the already installed frames on the application.

The App also enables you apply filters and enhance your photo using many filters and effects like gray, scale etc.

Just like social networks, picmix also enables you socialize and meet a lot of new people via the picmix app.

Look what my pics now looks like after using picmix editing tool

How Does PicMix Works?

Its very simple, download picmix app, lauch and register, upon successful registration, you are given what is called 300 credits which you can use in removing the picmix trade mark, although the 300 credit isn’t enough as the amount required for trade mark remover is 5000 credit but there’s an option to top up your credit via paypal or your credit card.

After registration, you are set to using picmix, just select a category of frame and choose the one you like and upload your pic, edit your design to your taste and when done, simply click the Finish Button on the Screen.

You get the option of whether or not to share it with your facebook friends, twitter friends, bbm or just save on your phone. That decision totally depends on you.

How To Download PicMix

Simply visit www.mypicmix.com and choose the download option, if you are using a browser application like opera-mini, upon clicking the download button, you will be redirected to download using your default browser(Depending on your device).

Devices Currently Supported

PicMix as at when posting this, currently supports blackberry smart phones, android and maybe personal computer(although i haven’t tried it on a PC but search says it does).

What other application or software do you use in performing same features picmix performs? Let’s hear from you using the comment form.

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