How To Download BBM Beta For Windows Phone

Good news for Windows Phone users as beta version of BBM is now available for download on windows mobile phones.

For some time now, it’s no doubt that Windows Phone users have always wanted BBM on their Nokia Lumia, HTC or other windows OS phone. If you happen to be in this category, you now have a chance to probably test the application on your phone.

Please be aware that the version of BBM for windows phone is still in beta version. Which means, it’s still in testing mode and not officially released. Although it hasn’t been officially released, you can download from Windows Phone Store. This version is only available to users who signed up as beta testers. Sorry Please!

download bbm beta version for windows phone

Features Available On BBM Beta For Windows Phones

key features available that require beta testing:

  • BBID Setup and Log-in (for Whitelisted BBIDs)
  • Create BBM Profile
  • Invite a contact and suggested contacts (people you know)
  • 1-to-1 & Multi-person Chat
  • Contact Categories
  • Manage Settings
  • BBM Groups
  • Pin to Start
  • Notifications and in-app “splats” for new content. See them in Feeds, Contacts when they’ve sent you a message, etc.

Since this version is in beta mode, it’s only normal for the app to currently be experiencing some issues. Having known this, blackberry has also made known some bug issues known. Hence, you shouldn’t get freaked out when you experience them by the course of exploring the app.

Some of the known bug issues include

  • Invites and acceptances don’t send when Windows Phone goes out of WiFi coverage
  • A few newer emoticons are not rendering properly (i.e *brrrr*, and *flex* and @-@)
  • Windows Phone shows as available for BBM Voice call although feature is not supported (seen on Android and iOS, not BlackBerry 10)
  • Error popup appears when using “Find Friends” and the “OK” button is selected
  • Suggested Contacts tab only shows users already using BBM, but lists them as potential contacts when BBM is initially launched.

According to an editor on TechCabal, he has been able to download and install the BBM app on his Nokia Lumia 630. As at matter of fact, the image used on this post was derived from him as you can clearly see the app running on the phone and chatting been done.

As at the time of publishing this post, I cannot ascertain when the app will be publicly released. However, I’d believe it will be released to windows phone sooner than we know it. Until then, let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.

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