Adding Or Displaying Google Adsense In Blogger/Blogspot Blog Mobile Version(Site)

Following the introduction of Google’s own blogger mobile version, webmasters and blogspot (blogger) blog owners have always wondered how they could add or make Google Adsense display on the mobile version of their blog in other to monetize and make money from mobile users visiting their blog.

Even as of now, most blogs running on Blogspot also known as blogger still do not have a way of monetizing their blogs for browsers like opera mini as opera mini does not show ads ordinarily.

Update: Ads on blogger blogs are now responsive. What that means is, most ads on the desktop version will automatically show on mobile too. More information on this is available towards the end of this article.

Displaying Google Adsense In Blogger/Blogspot Blog Mobile

But here on this post, I want to share some clues with you on how you can display Google Adsense on the mobile version of your blogspot blog and mobile version of your blogger site. And this works pretty well.

Adding Or Displaying Google Adsense On Blogger/Blogspot Mobile Version

Step 1.

Adsense can be displayed in High-End Mobile Devices like Blackberry Phones running on OS 6 versions and higher OS. Example of such blackberry devices are from Bold 2 upwards.

Using Android default browser, Google Chrome for android, Firefox and other High End devices show Google Adsense when viewing the mobile version of a blogger blog but only if you enable InLine Ads(below post ads enabled) via your Blogger Dashboard.

In other to do this, your blogger need to use same email address with your adsense account email address.

How To Enable InLine Ads? Follow this steps:

==> Log into your blogger dashboard >> Earnings >>Display ads on Blog (Select Yes) >> Display Ads below my posts.

Step 2.

You can display adsense and earn extra income from your mobile visitors via the use of Mobstac. It’s been a while since i saw a blogger blog use mobstac but you can still try it out.

Yes Mobstac is a service that renders your blog in mobile version to mobile and tablet browsers and when signed up as a premium user, you can display google adsense, Inmob ads or custom ads to your mobile visitors.

The good thing with mobstac is that, it displays ads to all mobile or tablet browsers even down to opera-mini users. Hence, if you are the type that gets loads of traffic from mobile users then monetizing your mobile traffic/visitors is highly recommended.

The downside is that, you have to pay a minimum of $19 monthly for the premium plan.

How To Get Started With Mobstac?

==> Simply visit, sign up as a new user and follow the instructions to setting up your mobile blog.

By default, your mobile url will look like for example

Please Note: Using the domain as or will NOT display ads even if you have subscribed to a premium account. Hence, it’s required that you create a cname record via your domain registrar like to point to your mobstac mobile version to enable ads to display on all platforms.

How To Create Cname Record

This varies based on the registrar you are using. Therefore, I recommend contacting your domain registrar to fix this for you if you do not know how it is done or you can contact me to help you do that.


Mobstac is no longer necessary. Blogger mobile version is now redefined and adsense can be displayed on the mobile version of blogger blogs. Guess what i am trying to say is, you no longer need any third-party service to have Google Adsense displaying on your mobile site nor do you need them to earn actual income.

Thankfully, i have written on how to add google adsense to blogger blog and that entails being able to display ads on the mobile as well. Let me also add that most newly released blogger themes are now responsive. What that means is, your desktop theme will be adaptable to mobile phones and tablets.

Hope this post helps in adding or displaying Google Adsense to your Blogspot/blogger blog mobile version.

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