Blackberry Sucks? 4 Reasons BB10 Phones Doesn’t

Often at times, people have always lamented that blackberry sucks. I haven’t heard it being said just ones, twice or thrice.

Some couple of peeps around me have ditch blackberry as a smart phone and see android as a better option. Even a friend via his blog post, gave reasons while blackberry sucks.

I don’t support that notion. But wait, just before you go thinking whether or not i have used a blackberry phone before.

Yes, i have. I have used a bb curve, bold, torch and now, Q series which runs on bb10 OS.

Obviously, if all the blackberry phones you have used are running BB OS7 or below, then you have every right to say blackberry phone sucks. Oh yes, the frequent hanging on those phones are the basic reason to why people go by that notion and i do support it.

However, if you have used a blackberry phone running on OS10 like the Q5, Q10, Z10, Z30 or the newly released Z3, you would have a different point of view.

All points i am going to outlay here to support the notion saying blackberry do not suck is based on using a bb10 phone.

blackberry sucks? 4 reasons why i disagree

4 Reasons Why Blackberry Do Not Suck

As earlier stated, the points here are based on using a bb10 phone. If you haven’t used one, then you have every reason to oppose. If you have used one however, then you should see sense in what i am saying.

1. It Does Not Hang

Oh yes, i have been using a BB10 phone for months now and it does not hang.

Although at rare times, specially when running too many apps on the background, it could engage on a 1 second hang when going back to an app you left open in the background.

2. Battery Life Is Decent

Another reason why most people say blackberry sucks is because of the battery life.

It has become a common tradition for bb users to always walk around with their chargers. However, if using a bb10 phone, the battery life time lasts much more. Perhaps even more than most android phones.

The only downside with the battery is that, it is attached to the phone. Hence, it cannot be detached nor removed. This is becoming a norm for every smart phone in today’s world BTW.

3. Cost Of Subscription

Oh well, this is the basic reason why i actually went for a bb10 phone. It’s common saying that the cost of subscription on blackberry phones are the cheapest.

With N1000 on glo network using the bis plan, you are given 3GB of data with you can tether and make it browse on your android, computer, iPad or iPhone device.

4. Easily Install Android Apps

Believe it or not, with the bb10 phone, android apps can easily be installed. I have done this a couple of times and it has always worked for me.

The only downside is that apps cannot be downloaded from the google play store. Android apps need to be downloaded from other sources. With the use of search engines, I don’t think that should be much stress.

Having said all those, I believe you should come to terms with me and believe that Blackberry does not suck.

As earlier said. Blackberry phones running on OS7 or below can sure be termed as buggy but for bb10 phones, it’s a very nice smartphone to go for.

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