5 Guaranteed Tips To Getting 100 Page views Daily On Your Blog

Too many times I have been faced with bloggers who have often complained of not being able to boost of 100 page-views daily on their blog on a daily basis.

The most interesting part is the fact that some have been working on a blog for like 6 months and they cannot boost of a 100 page views daily.

Now, I don’t mean to sound biased but do you know that most bloggers can launch a blog today and if they start posting contents, they can get over 100 page views that same day or day after?

I know some peeps would want to argue this but I urge you to please believe because I have done it before (No jokes).

I am not just going to tell you that it can be done, i am going to give you practical step by step guild on how you can achieve this.

My main aim is to aid those who are having difficulty in getting traffic to their blogs because seriously, what’s the essence of posting contents if no one is actually reading them?

5 Sure Tips To Getting Real Human Page-views On Your Blog

The tips i will be outlining here are not some page views achieved by some software, bots or program. Nah! Our main aim is to get real human traffic reading contents on our blog.

Or, isn’t that what you want?

5 sure ways to get guranteed page views daily to blog

1. Have A Short and Memorable Domain Name

I have made this mistake once but I haven’t dared repeating it. Sincerely speaking, I kinda feel trueinternetworld isn’t a memorable name.

To me, it’s obviously not short and I will not advise anyone to go by long domain names. Domain names within 7 to 10 characters is okay. If you can think of something shorter, then go for it.

Now you might be asking why but don’t worry, I will be kind enough to letting you know my reasons.

Let’s say for example, I stumbled on your blog from search engine or via other medium and I loved the content.

Let’s assume it was a tutorial and I want to try it out on a later date. But unfortunately, I can’t remember the domain where I got it from. Basically because it was sorta long and cannot be easily memorized.

What do I do? Obviously, I would have to do research for that tutorial online and probably your blog isn’t ranking in search engine. You just lost a visitor.

Do you get the point?

2. Use Social Network

After getting your domain name, it is a necessity to pay attention to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and other popular ones you know of.

Believe it or not, while people pay attention to connecting with people on the social network, chatting, and whiling away time, some are making money via these same social networks.

In subsequent posts, I will be writing on ways to which you can make money from social networks like Facebook and twitter but for now, let’s stick to the main subject of this post.

However, you can check out my post on 5 other things you can achieve from Facebook Other than Chatting.

Don’t be deceived if someone tells you, you can get over 100 page views to your blog with few friends or followers on social networks. Few friends or followers could be 300 or fewer. I even consider 1000 friends on Facebook as being few.

The only way you can achieve 100 page views or more with such a number of friends is if your posts are being shared by those friends and followers to their own friends and followers. That’s where targeted friends come to play.

Hence, I would strongly advise that you make much targeted friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Personally, I have over 4000 friends on Facebook, about 3600 fans on my FB fan page, and around 6k followers on twitter.

With such statistics, sure I can be able to get over 400 or 500 page views daily with a post that is very catchy.

3. Post On What People Really Want To Read

Yes, it’s often said that what makes you successful in blogging is when you are passionate about what you write about.

The only way you can actually be happy with blogging is when you post stuff that you are very much interested in and can defend when asked questions. However, it would only make more sense if you post stuffs people would sure love to read.

content is a sure way to getting traffic to your blog

If all your friends on social networks are only interested in reading stuffs about relationships, building relationships and things related to relationship and you go about posting stuffs related to sports, you just might be wasting your time-sharing those posts with those friends.

Having known this, I would advise you try to find out what your friends really like reading about and post more of those kind of content. They could be pleased to the extent of sharing your those contents without being asked to.

4. Use Catchy Title For Posts

This is very vital.

Often at times, when these bloggers complain of not having up to 100 page views daily after blogging for 6 months, I’d try to visit their blogs and while surveying round, I realize they don’t use catchy titles for their posts.

Yes, they could have amazing content but who would bother reading the content if the title doesn’t seem interesting?

Your post title is what people see first before checking out what the content entails.

You would agree with me that a post titled as ‘5 Amazing Ways To Catch A Fish‘ would get more views than a post title with ‘Catch A Fish‘.

Do you get the logic? Although it’s advisable to use catchy titles, make use the content also portrays what the title makes claim of. You don’t want to engage in click-baiting.

5. Good and Easy To Navigate Blog Design

A good and easy to navigate design is Paramount. Your blog design and user experience is what determines readers retain-ability. This means whether a visitor would want to visit your blog again or just wave bye-bye to your blog forever.

If I use a mobile device in accessing your blog and I am shown a desktop version which consumes time and data, I might not be interested in accessing the blog again. Even when it’s being shared on a social network I am a part of. I would rather search for related blogs with that same information.

Same applies to if I access your blog using my laptop and the desktop version takes forever to load alongside scripts hanging my browser every time. I certainly wouldn’t want to visit again until you assure me you’ve made positive changes.

Therefore, it’s advisable you use a simple blog design and make sure your blog is mobile enabled and limit the use of scripts. Most scripts affect loading time.

If you don’t know how to go about this, you can contact me and I would be sure to help. However, remember time is money. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t want to pitch your pocket deeply :).

If you stay put to the tips above, trust me, getting a 100 page views to your new blog would be much easier than you thought.

Above are the assumed secrets you thought pro bloggers don’t want to share with you when it comes to getting traffic as a newbie. Please note that above all, content is king.

In today’s world, you should also pay attention to SEO when creating or writing your content. SEO in simple terms has a lot to do with being able to get search engine traffic.

Search Engine traffic is much useful for long-term traffic. This kinda traffic keeps coming whether or not, you promote your content on social networks.

In subsequent posts, I will be writing about how you can be getting 1000 page views daily to your blog even if the blog is less than 3 months.

Samuel is a Tech Enthusiast who loves to explore everything that concerns Tech. Most of his explorations and guides, he shares via this platform. He studied Computer Science and prefers being simply called Sammy! 😉