[Solved] Account Has Reached Facebook 5000 Friends Limit, What Next?

Facebook has a limit of 5000 friends. What that means is, you cannot have more than 5000 friends on Facebook. In a case where you happen to have reached that limit, what next? Well, that’s what this post is all about.

Last week or so, I had some friend requests to confirm on my facebook account and the next pop-up notification I saw was something relating to the fact that my account has exceeded the number of friends permitted, i either have to delete a friend or unlike a Facebook page.

I could understand what they were saying and it was simple. Obviously, I cannot add more than 5000 friends on Facebook which means my account has reached the friend limit. Apparently, I cannot accept any more friend requests.

Fix Facebook 5000 friends limit

PS: In a case where you’ve reached the 5000 friends limit, you also cannot receive friend request. A good practise would be removing at least, one friend. That way, you’d have 4999 friends and still be able to receive and hoard more friend requests.

Facebook 5000 Friends Limit Reached, What Do I Do Next?

I had to start removing my non-English friends. After all, how do I communicate with people I do not even understand their language nor do they understand mine? But still, after removing them I still had some friend requests to confirm.

Gosh! This Facebook 5000 friends limit is killing me!

As at the time of publishing this post, I still have like 36 pending requests and I have about 4999 total friends presently. Now you see, I’m stocked with not being able to add new friends on Facebook.

Did you try sending a friend request to a friend on friend and the next message you got was:

more than 5000 friend limit on Facebook

It simply means that that user already has 5000 friends and is thereby limited from adding new friends or getting new friend requests.

Seriously, I wonder why would Facebook limit users to having more than 5000 friends. After all, it’s the user that handles the friends not Facebook admins.

The number of friends we have is supposed to be ours to decide and not Mark’s. I just hope Facebook rectifies or provides a solution to this 5000 Facebook friends limit thing because really, it sucks!

Solution To Facebook 5000 Friends Limit?

If you happen to have reached the 5000 friends limit on Facebook, there’s no way you can increase the number. However, there are some things you can do to get things fixed, a bit.

Remove A Facebook Friend

When you’ve reached the friend limit, other users on the social media platform will not be able to send you any friend requests. Whenever they try to, they will be faced with the error shown in the image above.

To prevent that from happening, you should remove one friend from your list. That way, you’d be back at 4999. With such a number, you’d still be able to receive friend requests.

Create A Facebook Page

Attaining 5000 friends on the social network isn’t easy. For you to have arrived at that number, especially if all you do is accept friend requests, means people care about the things you do. They want to follow you and follow up.

Although Facebook introduced the follow option, creating a page is probably a better idea. Creating a Facebook page is easy and when you are done with that, simply introduce your friends to the page.

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Introduce Other Social Network Profiles

Twitter for example, does not have any limit for the number of followers allowed. Same applies to Instragram and pretty much any other social networking platform with the follow feature.

Knowing this, it is probably a good idea to introduce new social network profiles other than just Facebook. Getting a hold of the new social networking platform can be a bit tasky, it will save you from further issues like this.

We just hope that Facebook provides solutions to this friend limit soonest. Hope this was helpful.

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