Whatsapp messenger VS 2go Chat Messenger? Find Out Which Is Better

There seems to be more applications, software and messenger developed as the day goes by. There are quite a handful of chat messengers in the market today, but then, some seems to be better than the others, and today i just want to talk on WhatsApp Messenger and 2go chat messengers.

I am sure you know what these two mobile messengers are. Well if you don’t, then i will strongly recommend you read my post on whatsapp, what and where to download whatsapp, and 2go messenger, download and install. Those posts should help give you an insight to what this post is all about. As a matter of fact, they are quite comprehensive and I’d recommend you take out a few minutes of your time to read through them.

WhatsApp and 2go are two quite popular messengers. WhatsApp over the years, have grown to become the number one mobile messaging application. 2go chat on the other hand, is still well known.

2go chat messenger vs WhatsApp chat messenger

Just before we head over to the debate of which is better amongst the two mobile messaging app, how about we talk on some of the features you can find on both messaging platforms?

Features Of 2go Chat Messenger App

Like i have earlier stated in my previous post, 2go chat is an application that allows you chat and hook up with friends. There are quite a handful of features on this messenger platforms and here, I will be sharing a few of them.

2go messenger

Add friend feature On 2go

One of the major feature of most chat messengers, is the ability to add friends. This is essential as it aids you in meeting new people and getting to know people on the platform. Although the ability to make new friends is one of the features of a social network, this app has that on board.

On 2go messenger, you can simply add a friend using their 2go username. What this implies is, you can simply add up a friend of yours using their username on 2go. There are other methods to adding friends on the platform. You can add friends using their phone number, meeting people in groups, et cetera.

2go Chat Profile Page

What is the essence of a chat when you cannot get a clue of who the person is? Actually, it’s a social chat app, so often at times, people appear not to be their true-self. So, it’s often advised that you should be careful with the people you choose to meet off social media. But yet, having a profile page is essential and sometimes, some people choose to be very real. The kind of picture you see, is sometimes, what you get (almost).

2go allows it’s users to upload their pictures and uploading them as their profile picture using their mobile phone.

Connect 2go Chat App to Facebook Account

I am sure this feature is what people really love about 2go. Not only can you chat and get to meet people on the platform, you can connect your 2go account to your Facebook account (guide on how to here) thereby allowing you to chat live with your friends online on Facebook and 2go at same time using the 2go messenger.

Group Chat

As earlier mentioned, you can make new friends via 2go group chat. There are quite a number of groups on the platform. From romance to singles, above 20 et cetera.

On 2go, you can join into any group of your choice and hook up with new friends. You can also add friends from the 2go group with ease. However, there are a few group restrictions. Essentially for ages. If you are not up to 20, you cannot enter into 20+ groups. But, there are loads of other groups to explore.

2go Works On Blackberry

In this current age, there are only a few apps which still supports blackberry OS. 2go happens to be one of them. Downloading 2go on blackberry is as easy as going into the app store (called blackberry world) and choosing to download 2go from there.

If you want to explore a little more, you can simply download the android apk version of the app and install. Here is a guide on the easiest way to install android apk apps on Blackberry. 2go can also be used on blackberry, please refer to 2go on blackberry, how to install

And other good features.

Features Of WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp in this time and age, needs no formal introduction. WhatsApp over the years, have risen to be the number one mobile messenger app with billions using the platform. It certainly crossed the 1 billion downloads mark on the android play-store. Over 1 billion users are active on the platform monthly. If you ask me, that’s a really good feet.

Yep! Whatsapp is another amazing application messenger, an alternative to BBM. Listed below are some features of WhatsApp Application.

Ping On WhatsApp Mobile Messaging App

This is just the major feature of the WhatsApp messenger. WhatsApp is majorly used for pinging, you can ping on nokia symbian s60 phone, java s40 phone, android.

Update: Somehow, this feature seem not to be effective anymore. However, since a lot of people still spend their time on the mobile messaging app, dropping a message for your contact is easy and they’d get to see the message in no time. Except of course, they are too busy.

Ping WhatsApp Users On blackberry

The WhatsApp Application can used on blackberry phones, for the full report on that, please refer to Whatsapp on blackberry, download whatsapp for blackberry.

Update: WhatsApp has discontinued it’s service on Blackberry. However, there is still a way to have the mobile messaging app work on Blackberry 10 phones. Simply download the APK version and install. With that, you should still be able to have WhatsApp work on your blackberry phone.

Uses Phone Number As PIN

BBM requires getting a contacts PIN, adding them up and when they accept your request, you can send messages. On WhatsApp, it’s different. Contacts serves as PIN in this case. However, the recipient do not necessarily need to accept your request before being able to send them messages.

As long as the contact is on WhatsApp and the number is stored on your phone contact list, you can simply send them a message. In my opinion, this doesn’t speak privacy compared to BBM but, it is what it is. That’s how WhatsApp works and people seem to be fine with that.

Profile enabled

Just like 2go and every other chat apps, WhatsApp does have profile enabled. As a matter of fact, people often change their display picture (DP) on WhatsApp more often than they change their pictures on 2go. Hence, the chances of fully getting to know the people you haven’t met on WhatsApp, is higher than it is on 2go.

The whatsapp still have the profile feature enabled.

Now, with the information already listed, between WhatsApp and 2go chat messenger, which do you prefer?

Lets hear from you by simply posting a comment below.

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