Why Does Facebook Chat Displays I’m Online When I am Not? Reasons and Fix

Is Facebook Chat always displaying, saying or showing you are online when you are not? These are the reasons why this happens and how you can fix them.

For some time now, i have been thinking on either writing on this particular post or not because I have been contemplating if my blog readers will be interested.

Just a couple of days back, a Facebook friend sent me a message in regards this particular  issue. Or, should i call it a question? It obviously is!

His message reads thus:

Hi Samuel, for sometime now I have realized that I appear to be online on Facebook chat when I am off-line, please have you got a solution to this?

To be candid, the solution is actually simple.

But, just before we dive into how you can possibly fix this, let’s try to analyze the issue and figure out why this happens in the first place.

Reason Why Facebook Chat Shows You Are Online When You Are Not

Do you know that when these users appear online on Facebook chat, when they are actually offline, there accounts automatically post a spam link to their online friends asking them to click on a particular link.

reasons and how to fix facebook chat showing you are online when you are not

I am saying this because its something I have experienced countless times when I go online on Facebook. These links are often posted to their timeline. That way, it displays to their friends via the news-feed.

To be clear, this is often caused by the apps users gave permission to post on their behalf. Do you remember that really cool website you visited or that cool app you tried using and it requested for permission to your Facebook account?

That may not be the culprit. Another app or service may be. Reason why you should be sure of apps or services you grant such permissions to.

Steps How To Fix The Auto Online Issue?

Now, to fix this problem that makes you appear online when you are not, you do have to follow the guidelines stated here.

Fixing this, you will begin to appear online when you are online and offline when you are offline.

1. Deactivate Permission To Apps

You need to disallow some applications access to your Facebook account. Doing this doesn’t only fix this issue, it also prevents any app from acting on your behalf.

To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your Facebook account and navigate to settings.
  2. Under Settings, click On apps.
  3. Under apps, you’d find the list of apps that you’ve granted permission to.
  4. Delete or deactivate the ones you suspect or simply disallow the applications you think are not useful to you and that’s all!

how to disconnect apps from Facebook account

You can even delete multiple apps or services from being able to gain access to your account by ticking the boxes next to the respective apps or services. When done, click on remove which is located above the page.

This is particularly useful in cases where you have quite a number of apps and you do not want to go through the hustle of removing them individually.

2. Lock Off Your Facebook Account

Sometimes, simply closing the tab is not just enough. It’s sometimes necessary to just hit the log-out button if you do not want to be shown as being online when you are actually not.

Thankfully, Facebook has the option to log back in via the use of a picture. Hence with this, you can simply click on your profile image and you will be logged right back in. You should, however, only do this on a personal computer.

Hope this helps.

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