How To Add Stickers To Your Facebook Status Update On iOS

Couple of days back, I talked on how to apply background colors to your Facebook status update. Therein, I stated that the feature is only available on Android and would probably be making it’s way to iOS.

Up till date, iPhone and iPad users are still unable to apply color background to their Facebook status update.

Nevertheless, Facebook now allows users to add stickers to their Facebook status update. And thankfully, this is also available to iOS users.

Being able to add color background makes your status update stand out. However, being able to add stickers takes your status update to another level.

The whole idea is, giving your status update that extra touch. Stickers on status updates sorta makes it look like an image is being added. And as you probably already know, status updates with images tend to perform better than just regular text.

Having pointed that out, let’s head over to the main subject matter.

Adding Stickers To Facebook Status Update On iOS

  • First, you need to update the Facebook application to it’s latest update. Check the App Store and update accordingly.
  • Launch the Facebook app, tap on the status update tab (What’s on your mind?)
  • Tap on Feeling/Activity

feeling activity option on facebook

  • Tap on Stickers. There, you’d find some pre-populated tags like Happy, in love, eating and others.

adding stickers to facebook status update

  • Tapping on any of those tags will most likely, return a no stickers to show error.
  • Tap on the + sign as seen in the image below. Tapping on that should take you to the stickers store.

button to stickers store

  • Now, download any sticker pack of your choice.

Facebook Stickers store

  • When done, tap on Done.
  • You’d find your downloaded sticker pack at the bottom of the page as indicated in the image below:

downloaded stickers on Facebook

  • Tap on any of them (if more than one) and choose any sticker of your choice.
  • Thereafter, add your text and hit the post option.

sticker added to facebook status update

There you go. You’ve successfully added a sticker to your Facebook status update using an iPhone. Easy huh?

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