6 Proven Ways To Fix Common Screen Mirroring Problems

Screen mirroring is the latest technological advancement that allows all smartphone users to view their smartphone screen on television or Smart TV. When you mirror your smartphone on a TV or a bigger screens gadget, your smartphone screen will be able to appear on the TV screen.

Millions of people screen mirror their phone to their TV to stream live movies, live videos, view pictures and other documents on a large screen for more information and detail.

When it comes to screen mirroring, there are common problems that smartphone users face. So in this informative article, I will explain how to fix these common screen mirroring problems.

Ways To Fix Common Screen Mirroring Problems

1. Smartphone Compatibility Problem

Fix Screen Mirroring problems using Smartphone Compatibility

There are numerous Android and Apple iOS smartphones that are not compatible with screen mirroring. That is why it is essential to do proper and thorough research before you start the process of screen mirroring in your smartphone.

Although, there are various third-party applications on the Google Play store and Apple iOS store that allow Android smartphones, iPhones and iPad that can’t screen mirror by themselves, to screen mirror easily with their mobile apps.

We recommend that you take your time to research if your phone is compatible and can screen mirror successfully.

If your smartphone is not compatible with screen mirroring, you can use other methods to view your smartphone screen on a TV or bigger screen gadgets.

2. TV Compatible Problem

Fix screen mirroring problem

Numerous televisions in the market are not compatible with screen mirroring at the moment of creating in this informative article. That is why you need to invest your time and research for televisions compatible with screen mirroring before you buy one if you are planning to use it for screen mirroring.

Both smartphones and TV are needed for screen mirroring, and both gadgets must be compatible with each other.

There are various methods of screen mirroring your smartphone with your TV, especially if your TV comes with an HDMI port which will help by getting a Chromecast or any 3rd party mirror casting dongle.

To avoid TV-compatible problems, you need to buy a TV that is compatible with screen mirroring and also follow the right process that is compatible with your TV.

Screen mirroring can be done in a different method. That is why it is important to learn and use the best method that works properly for your smartphone and your TV set. Another working method, in this case, is using Android TV Boxes.

3. Screen Mirroring Stuck On Connecting

Fix Screen Mirroring Stuck On Connecting

Millions of people worldwide complain that their smartphones get stuck at the connecting stage during the process of pairing with their TV.

To solve this popular and common problem, you need to follow this instruction.

  • Restart your smartphone’s Wi-Fi and reconnect it after few minutes.
  • You can also turn off your TV set or remove the power cord from the socket. Restart it after few minutes and reconnect it with your smartphone.
  • Reduce the distance between your TV set and your smartphone. Make sure you take your smartphone closer to your TV.
  • Make use of a third-party mirror casting mobile application if the one with your smartphone is not good enough.

4. No Sound Problem

Fix No Sound Problem on TV

No sound is one of the common problems that millions of people face regarding screen mirroring. To fix this common problem, follow this simple instruction.

Check or change your smartphone sound output. In some cases, no sound problem is from your smartphone, not your TV.

To fix this common problem on your smartphone, click on the on-volume button or the sound icon on your laptop. You can also change your smartphone or laptop sound source if you can’t fix it by increasing your smartphone or laptop sound volume.

5. Screen Mirroring Not Working

Fix Screen Mirroring Not Working

If you can’t screen mirrors on your smartphone or TV that are compatible, you need to contact your smartphone or TV manufacturer.

Let them know that you can’t screen mirror monitoring on their device, and they will provide a quick solution that will solve the problem immediately.

6. Frequently Disconnection

Fix Screen Mirroring Frequently Disconnecting

Millions of people complain about frequent disconnection whenever they’re screen mirroring their smartphone on TV. Over the years, frequent disconnection has been one of the most common problems in screen mirroring.

To solve this problem. You need to follow these simple and easy instructions.

  • Make sure your Wi-Fi is connected.
  • Your smartphone and TV must be compatible with each other to avoid frequent disconnection.
  • Make sure your smartphone and TV are closer to each other.
  • Make sure another Wi-Fi is not on when you are screen mirroring.

If your smartphone is not compatible or is not designed to screen mirror, you can use a third-party mobile application to carry out the process effectively. Chromecast is one of the best and most reliable mobile applications designed to carry out the screen mirroring process on your smartphones successfully.

Chromecast is available on the Google Play Store for Android users and all iOS stores for iPhone, iPad, and other Apple products users.

These are the common screen mirroring problem and how to fix it. It is straightforward to screen mirror, especially if you use a compatible smartphone and compatible TV. Likewise, the right process is suitable for your TV and smartphone.

You can also use your laptop to screen mirror your TV, both TV and smart TV.