Complete Steps On How To Change Background In Google Meet

Google Meet has become more popular than ever. Changing your background in google meet is a terrific method to cover up a cluttered bedroom or home office with a more appealing image.

Technology helps to link individuals all over the world while also keeping them secure and productive. Google Meet is one of the company’s most popular video communication services. It takes the place of Google Hangouts and Google Chat. The majority of official video conferencing takes place in video meetings. Thanks to Google Meet, working with colleagues, speaking with healthcare specialists, communicating with loved ones, and learning from home has all been easier.

Google Meet is a premium video conferencing service that is available for free and used by schools, governments, and corporations worldwide. Users can change their background in a video call using Google Meet’s change your background feature. Users who join the Google Workspace for Education call will not be able to choose their own video conference background images.

Complete Steps On How To Change Background In Google Meet

Here’s How To Change Your Background Before And During A Video Call

Before video call:

1. Select a meeting on Google Meet (

2. Click ‘Change Backgroundin the bottom right corner of the self-view.

3. Select the ‘Blur your Background‘ option to blur your background totally.

4. Select the Gently blur your backdropoption if you wish to blur your background slightly.

5. Finally, if you wish to use a wallpaper that has already been downloaded, click the background.

6. You have the option of using your own image as your background, which is a fantastic feature. Select the ‘Addoption.

7. Finally, click the Join Nowbutton.

During a video call

1. A ‘More‘ option will be offered at the bottom. Click on the image with three dotted lines.

2. When you select the Change backdrop option, your camera will instantly switch on.

3. Background changes may cause your device to slow down; you can disable this function to allow other apps on your PC to operate faster.

4. Now, select the blur your background option to blur your background completely.

5. To blur your background slightly, click slightly distort your background

6. Click on the background to select a previously downloaded wallpaper.

Complete Steps On How To Change Background In Google Meet

How To Change Or Apply Different Backgrounds On Google Meet

  1. Choose whether you want your background to be blurred, a stock option, or personalized background.
  2. There are two blurring options at the top of the menu: “blur” and “slightly blur.” These do the same thing, except they have different levels of blurring, as the name implies.
  3. The next choice, marked by a large “+,” allows you to create a custom backdrop. By tapping or clicking it, you can choose an image from your smartphone to place behind you instead of what is actually there.
  4. After that, there are various stock alternatives to choose from, each with a different location and setting. The Play button on the right-hand side of the thumbnail indicates that the first three are also animated.

That’s all there is to it. It’s that simple to change your background in Google Meet, no matter what device you’re using or when you’re holding your video meeting.

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3 Basic Facts About Google Meet

1. If you want to disguise your surroundings or make the meeting more enjoyable, you can modify your Google Meet background.

2. By clicking on the button in the bottom right corner of your self-view, you can change your background before or during the meeting.

3. You can choose from various backgrounds in Google Meet, but you can also upload your own image or blur the background of your camera shot.

Requirements For Using Google Meet

Complete Steps On How To Change Background In Google Meet

1. To use Google Meet on an iOS smartphone, you’ll need an iPhone 6s or later, running iOS 12 or higher.

2. If you want to use Google Meets on your phone, it must have at least 4 CPU cores, 3GB ram, a CPU clock speed of 1.6 GHz at most, and ARM64 Architecture.

3. If you’re using Google Meet on a Mac, you can only use Chrome to alter the background.

4. Your Chrome version must be M84 or higher if you’re using Google Meet on Windows, MacOS, or Linux.

5. If you’re using Google Meet on Chrome OS, you’ll need to have Chrome version M86 or higher.

However, if you find it difficult to change your background in google meet, check the version of chrome you are using to see if the fault is from there.