Download DC Unlocker : Use DC-Unlocker To Unlock All Huawei & ZTE Modems

DC Unlocker is a software program that deals in unlocking modems, routers and phones. The service has been in existence for a really long time now and up till date, it’s still worth using.

In this post, we will be showing you how to download DC Unlocker software. We will also be guiding you through installing the program and how to use DC-Unlocker to unlock all Huawei and ZTE Modems.

While we will be guiding you through how to unlock just modems using this software, it works in unlocking phones and routers. However, the process is a bit more complicated and we wouldn’t want to go into that for now. If however, you need tutorial on that, do let us know using the comment session and we could make that guide available.

When it comes to unlocking software, DC Unlocker stands as the very first universal unlocking software worldwide. I’ve personally known the software for a really long time now. It used to be handy in unlocking glo, Airtel and other modems at the time.

Download DC Unlocker and unlock huawei & ZTE modems

The software when it comes to unlocking devices, can make it easy to unlock Huawei and ZTE modems that don’t have space to input code.

Speaking of modems that don’t allow space to input code, there are two methods to unlocking modems.

  1. Unlock modems using unlock codes
  2. Unlock modems using software.

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When it comes to unlocking modems using software, DC Unlocker is often the go-to-program that gets the job done.

DC Unlocker Features

Below are some of the features of DC Unlocker:

  • Unlocking is fast. Using DC Unlocker, unlocking can be done in about 60 seconds.
  • The program features a easy to use interface. Even a newbie can work around using the software.
  • While the program may not be able to unlock just every modem in the market just yet, new modems are often added/supported frequently.
  • DC Unlocker only requires a standard USB cable, a working USB port and the Unlocker software to unlock devices
  • No need to select any COM ports as the auto detect function automatically detects a port
  • One year of free updates and support for new dongles (DC-Unlocker dongle or other dongles with DC-unlocker activation).

If you currently own a modem, there is a chance it’s either made by Huawei, or ZTE. These modems are thereafter, branded or locked to a particular network / carrier.

To be able to use that modem with another network or carrier, it will need to be unlocked.

Now, let’s discuss how to unlock your Huawei or ZTE modem. Shall we?

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But first, let’s discuss downloading the software. Thereafter, we will discuss using the software.

Download DC Unlocker

File name:
Release date: 2019-03-29
File size: 6.99 MB
Total downloads: 37371


  • When the Zip download is complete, double click to launch. Alternatively, use any zip opener program.
  • Extract the file to any destination where you can easily remember. I’d recommend the Desktop.
  • After extraction, open the folder and double click on the dc-unlocker2client file to launch the program.

Having discussed how to download the software, let’s discuss how to use the software. Shall we?

How To Use DC Unlocker To Unlock All Huawei & ZTE Modems

Having followed the guide above on how to download and install the DC Unlocker software, the next step will be how to use DC Unlocker to unlock modems. To do that, follow the steps below:

  • Launch the DC Unlocker software
  • Insert a different network SIM into your modem
  • Now plug in the modem into the PC’s port
  • The DC Unlocker should automatically detect the modem at this point or click the auto detect icon. Use DC unlocker to unlock huawei and ZTE modemsIf it doesn’t, under manufacturer, select the modem type and under model, select Auto Detect (recommended).
  • Next, hit the search icon as indicated in the image above.
  • After it has detected the modem and laid out the information, click on the unlocking option and select the option displayed.
  • Wait a few seconds till you get the unlock successful notification.

That’s it. That’s how to unlock your Huawei and ZTE modems using DC Unlocker. Easy, right?

DC-Unlocker Not Working?

If the process above didn’t work for you, don’t panic. We have to first understand the problem.

The solution to being able to fix DC Unlocker not working is understanding the problem and thereafter, proffering solution. First, if the software isn’t detecting your modem, confirm that the modem is still good. Also confirm that the USB cable is original and can detect a device with file transfer options and not just charging.

If those are in check and the software is still not detecting the modem, please exit the DC-Unlocker software and re-launch.

If that still doesn’t fix it, it could be something with the drivers on your computer. Please confirm that the needed driver is in check and updated. If you don’t want to do that manually, download Driver Easy. Run it and it will auto-detect the drivers that need updating. Thereafter, choose to update. When done updating, try the DC-Unlocker software again. It should work this time.

Modem Detected By DC-Unlocker But Not Unlocking?

If DC-Unlocker detects your modem but doesn’t unlock it, it could be as a result of the modem not currently being supported. You can check in with the DC-unlocker supported models page to see if your modem is included.

If it isn’t, then the unlock cannot be done. At least, not using DC-Unlocker yet. The best option will be trying other related software or wait till your modem becomes supported. New models are added regularly. Patience is needed here. Alternatively, go out and get one that can be unlocked easily.


That’s it, guys. That’s how to download DC-Unlocker and also how to use DC Unlocker to unlock all Huawei & ZTE modems. If you have any questions or complaints regarding this, do not hesitate to share using the comment session.

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