Flash Share : Download Flash share APK App On Android (Infinix, Tecno, iTel)

Flash share is an application that allows you send and receive files between devices at fast speeds. With flash share apk app, you can send various types of files including applications. Other type of files you can send includes pictures, videos, games, music, documents et cetera.

The application has been around for a while now and has over time, transformed to being referred to as Xender. The robust file-transfer tool comes with a lot of outstanding features. This includes a much better User friendly interface as well as transfer speed.

Using an Android phone, there is a lot you could do with flash share that relates to file transfers. Asides the type of files mentioned above, you can equally transfer contacts, as well as swap between phones. Another interesting feature is the fact that internet connection isn’t needed for all of this.

Asides android to Android, flash share app can be used in transferring files between android and iOS as the app is available on iPhone as Xender App. Using the more modernized version referred to as Xender, users can also transfer files from Android to PC using Xender Web.

Download Flash share APK App

Flash share – unlike Wi-Fi or the Bluetooth functionality – employs the NFC protocol of all mobile phones that are involved in the transfer in a bid to achieve a transfer rate 4 – 40 times faster than that of your normal Bluetooth.

While the app often comes pre-installed on some Infinix, tecno and iTel phones as flash share, it can be downloaded and installed on other phones as Xender from Google Play store.

In this post, we will be teaching you various ways to download flash share app on your device. We will equally give a quick guide on how to use the app for actual file transfers.

But first, let’s look at some of the features the application brings to the table.

Flash share APK App Features

  • Flashshare also known as Xender, is absolutely free.
  • File transfers are equally free. There is only need for a working camera which is useful when scanning QR codes. No internet connection is needed.
  • It’s fast and saves time. Unlike the traditional Bluetooth which can take a lot of time in sending files, flash share app also referred to as Xender, can send even huge files within a short pace of time.
  • You can transfer multiple files at a time. Just select all the files you’d like to send, and hit the transfer icon.
  • With flash share, you can transfer files between android and iPhone easy and fast.
  • The app showcases your traffic stats and memory usage
  • With flash share, you can share your cellular data with your family and friends using the Wi-Fi connectivity option.
  • With flash share APK App, you can easily switch phone data. This is handy in a case where you want to change phones and you need to move your phone data.

Download Flash Share App On Your Phone

There are three methods you can download and install flash share on your Android phone. We will be looking at these methods here.

Download Flash Share Through Bluetooth

Not a lot of people know how to send apps through Bluetooth. As a matter of fact, you’ve never tried that, right? For the most part, you’ve only used Bluetooth for basic file transfers like music and pictures, right?

Send files using flash share

Oh well, you can download and install flash share through Bluetooth by following the steps below;

  • Turn the bluetooth functionality on your phone on. Please be sure other users can find you. This, you can do by making your Bluetooth connection “discoverable“.
  • On the phone of the sender with the flash share app, launch the flash share application
  • On the app, go to settings > Share Flash share to other phones. Select Bluetooth in the option.
  • When the Bluetooth interface is displayed, select your Bluetooth name and you should get a prompt asking to receive flash share.
  • Choose accept and after download is complete, choose to install.

Please know that you will need to enable installation of apps from unknown sources on the Android phone to be able to install apps via this method.

Install Flash Share APK App From APK Sites

Every APK that’s available on the play store, is available on APK sites. But not every app that’s available on APK sites, is available in the play store.

Flash share APK App can be download from an APK website easily. To do this, please follow the steps below:

  • Go to an APK download site hosting free download of flash share app. Here’s one.
  • Download the APK app to your phone. When download is complete, tap on it to install it. You will probably be forced with a prompt asking that you enable installation of apps from unknown sources. Choose to allow.
  • After ticking the enable unknown sources, choose to install flash share APK app again. This time, the app should successfully install.

Please note: It is important to allow installation of apps from unknown sources for this to work. Without allowing this option, the app won’t be installed.

Install Flash Share App Via Computer

The application can be installed on your phone using a computer. For this to work, a APK desktop installer needs to be on your computer. Alternatively, send the app to your phone via USB and using the file explorer app on your phone, search and install the app on your phone.

Back to installing via computer, this method allows you download and install flash share on your phone without promoting you to turn on Install apps from unknown sources.

Below is the procedures on how to download and install APK files to your phone via your computer.

  • First, download and install APK installer for PC on your computer.
  • Turn On USB debugging mode on your phone. To do this, go to Settings > About Phone > Build Number. Tap on the build number 7 times. Return back to Settings > Developer Options > Tick USB Debugging.
  • Now, connect your phone to your computer using a working USB Cable. The APK installer should detect the phone.
  • Select your phone and press OK to proceed.
  • At the upper left of the APK PC installer, Press the install option.
  • Go to tools from the bottom section and tap Open APK. Here, add the list containing every APK app you intend installing on the phone.
  • Pick the APK apps to be installed and thereafter, click Install. The install option is at the right bottom segment of the app install page.

Complicated? Well, that’s how to install the APK app on your phone using your computer.

How To Transfer Files Using Flash Share / Xender

  • First, download Xender from the play store. Here is a direct link.
  • You will be required to create a username for your new account. So, create your username and follow the onscreen instructions till you get to the dashboard.
  • Tap Connect with Friends.
  • Choose between create a connection, and scan to join. If you want to send files, create a connection. If you want to receive files, choose Scan to join. When a connection is made, anyone can send and receive.
  • If you choose to create a connection, a prompt requesting to turn on Wi-Fi will be displayed. Choose allow.
  • Have the other party choose scan to join and tap on your username. You should hear a beep when a connection is made.
  • Pick the files you want to send. When done, tap on Send or shake the device to send.
  • On the receiving phone, tap on history. The history displays all the current files in transmission and the files received.

That’s It. That’s how to transfer files from one device to another using flash share APK App.

Update: Xender has updated its update and has such, changed how connection between two android devices is established. What changed is having to scan a QR code to create a connection.

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That’s it. Flash share is indeed, an awesome file sharing app for transferring files – music, videos, photos, documents, apps, games, etc. – from one device to another at incredible high-speed. This can also be used in sending files from phone to computer.

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