Xender App : How To Send Music, Pictures, Videos From Android To iPhone

If you are using an iPhone device, you would quite agree with me that the iOS operating system is very selfish.

Yes! Very selfish and expensive too.

How do I mean selfish?

Out of the box, you cannot send files from an android phone to an iPhone or iPad using Bluetooth. Not just from an android, but from every other device except the iOS device.

The same applies to downloading. When using an iPhone or iPad device, you cannot download music files or video files online, you can only watch them online.

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When it comes to music, if downloading from iTunes, you’d have to buy most of the songs online.

Why would I have to pay for a song when I can simply download them online for free? Well, technically, you can simply bypass buying music files by using iTunes software on a computer.

Remember the iWatch? The iWatch is more or less useless without an iPhone to work with.

More reason why I said the OS is just plain selfish. Fine, you can send files from an iPhone to another iPhone or iOS device but what happens to cross-platform?

Their excuse is basically security issues but so far so good, how many have actually faced security issues with their android phone or Blackberry OS?

Xender app for iPhone

I quite understand that you can jailbreak your iPhone and bypass those restrictions but I am sure you wouldn’t want to follow any process that may break your iPhone if anything goes wrong considering the price iOS devices are being sold for.

Where Xender App Comes To Play On An iPhone

If you have been using an android phone or you have been following this blog updates for a long time now, i am sure the Xender app shouldn’t be new to you.

With Xender application installed on your iPhone and android device, you can actually send pictures, music and video files from your android device to an iPhone device.

I did this and it worked.


Although being able to send files from android OS to iPhone using the xender app is cool and quite encouraging, there are still some limitations.

The music files cannot be played directly from the default music app on the iPhone. Instead, they can only be played from the xender application and the same applies to video files.

Picture files, on the other hand, work great! They can be accessed from the photos folder directly which sounds pretty cool.

How To Use Xender In Sending Files From An Android To iPhone

The process is pretty simple and we’d like to guide you through the process of being able to send files from an android phone to an iPhone using Xender.


  • Launch the Xender app on your android phone and leave it running.
  • Tap on Connect Phone, look at the down left side of the page, and tap on Connect iPhone.
  • On your iPhone device, go to settings > Wi-Fi > Tap on the WiFi network name synonymous with what’s displayed on your android.
  • After the connection to wifi is complete, navigate to the Xender app and tap on connect phone.
  • At this point, the connection should be initiated automatically between the iPhone and the android phone.

Now, you can transfer files from your android phone to your iPhone with awesome speed on the xender app.

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