How To Swap Infinix Zero 2 X509 Android IMEI To Blackberry IMEI

While we are still yet to publish a full comprehensive review of the infinix zero 2 x509 android smartphone, we’d love to keep sharing some interesting tips that have to do with the android phone.

Earlier before now, we shared with you an unboxing post of the device alongside a hands-on review plus video.

If you are currently using an android phone and wondering how you could root it, it’s pretty simple. We already have a post on TechsNG Blog that talks about how to root the infinix zero 2 android phone.

swap infinix zero 2 x509 imei

Here in this post, we’d like to talk about something we believe a lot of people using the device would be interested in.

By now, a huge number of android phone users are quite aware of the fact that glo bis can be used on android phones.

Although not all android phones, most android phones from infinix, innjoo, tecno, and others can be tweaked to use Glo Bis.

Why Use Glo BIS ON Android Phone?

In Nigeria and most other countries, data subscription on blackberry devices is cheaper than android, IOS and even computer devices.

Imagine a whopping 3GB of data for just N1000 (one thousand Naira on the glo network). You can even subscribe up to 4 times in a month and that’s a whopping 12GB of data for N4000.

You would surely agree that’s a cool deal. It’s even better when you can use it on the infinix zero 2 android phone.

Swapping Infinix Zero 2 x509 IMEI To Blackberry IMEI

The process is pretty simple and quick.

Our aim in changing the IMEI is to be able to use glo bis on the device. If you are comfortable with paying higher amounts on your android phone for fewer data when you can simply change the IMEI and rock cheaper cost for more data, best of lucks.

Steps To Change Android IMEI

==> First and foremost, copy out your current IMEI numbers (dial *#06# to review your phone imei numbers) to a safe place where you can easily recover them. This process is called backing up. It will come in handy when you decide to revert back to the default IMEI.

==> Download MobileUncle Tools from Google Play Store Here. Install and launch the app.

==> On the MobileUncle tool’s interface, tap on Engineer Mode > Engineer Mode (MTK).

==> Swap the screen to the right and you should be under connectivity options.

swap infinix zero 2 imei to bb imei

==> Under connectivity, Tap On CDS Information > Radio Information.

==> In you intend to change the IMEI numbers for SIM 1, tap on Phone 1 and if you’d like to change that for SIM 2, tap on phone 2.

==> If changing that SIM 1 (Phone 1), tap on the line where it’s stated AT+, type E, and select the first option that includes 1,7,”. However, If changing SIM 2, select the second option which includes =1,10,”.

==> Just directly after AT, give a space which should leave you with AT + (remember there is now a space between AT and +). Now, move to where there is a double column (“”). In the middle of both columns, type in a valid blackberry IMEI number (Please make sure it’s a valid blackberry IMEI).

changing infinix zero x509 imei to blackberry imei

==> When done, Tap on the SEND AT COMMAND button then navigate back and close the app.

==> Under your notification tray on the infinix zero 2 x509 phone, tap on switches and tap to activate the airplane mode. Now, restart your phone. When fully booted, switch off the airplane mode and dial *#06#. You should notice the IMEI has been changed.

infinix zero 2 imei changed

What Next?

Change your phone internet settings APN to Leave username and password empty. Make sure you have an active blackberry plan on your glo sim and you should enjoy surfing on your android phone without trouble.

How Do I Get A Blackberry IMEI?

I will be willing to share one blackberry IMEI with each person that shows interest. You can post your email address using the comment form and I will inbox an IMEI to you.

Alternatively, you can join this BBM Channel Here and request for an IMEI on any post there and one will be sent to you.

It’s that simple. Changing IMEI on some android phones including the infinix zero 2 x509 is pretty easy and fast.

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