Download and Use MobileUncle MTK tools app To Change Android IMEI

While it’s been quite a while since we talked on changing IMEI on android phones and here, we’d be looking at MobileUncle MTK Tools app.

The number of comments I receive on a daily basis still shows that most people are still stocked with this issue.

It is a known fact that most people now use being able to easily change an android phone imei number as a yardstick in considering whether or not to buy a particular android phone. I consider that to be reasonable.

While most phone’s imei can be changed using some certain codes without having to download an app, some android phones powered by MTK processors requires the Mobileuncle MTK Tools in-other to get that fixed.

download and change andriod imei using mobileuncle mtk tools app

If your phone requires using the Mobileuncle MTK tools app in changing its IMEI, this article should guide you through the process.

Requirements To Change Android IMEI Using MobileUncle MTK Tools

Other than the android phone you intend changing its IMEI number, you would need to write out the IMEI number you are changing to.

Most times, people tend to change to a blackberry imei in other to use glo bis plan on the phone. Remember to also have a backup of your current IMEI numbers just in case you intend to revert.

You can download the MTK tools app from Google Play-store here. You don’t need an internet connection in other to change the IMEI number successfully as long as you follow the right steps but of course, having an internet connection on the phone won’t do any harm.

Steps To Follow

  • Launch the MobileUncle tools app and when it’s fully loaded up, Tap on Engineer Mode
    mobileuncle mtk tools app interface
  • Under Engineer mode, tap on Engineer Mode (MTK). If this option isn’t present, then try using the code method instead.
    changing android imei number
  • The next option should be Telephony. Swipe to the right in other to access the Connectivity options
  • Under Connectivity, tap on CDS information
    connectivity option on mobileuncle mtk tools app
  • Under CDS information menu, Tap on Radio Information
  • Next, Under Radio Information, tap on either Phone 1 or Phone 2 (depending on which Sim slot imei you want to change).
  • If SIM 1 (Selected phone 1), tap on the position where you can see AT+, type E, and choose the first slide-up option. If you chose SIM 2 (phone 2), tap the second slide-up option.
    choosing option while changing imei
  • Now, place the pointer between AT and + and give a space (just one). Next, go to the double columns and place your pointer in the middle of both columns. In that space, you should type in the IMEI number you intend changing to. For example (see the screenshot below):
    changed imei on android phone
  • When you are done, tap on SEND AT COMMAND and you should get a msent notification. Go back till you exit the app and then restart your phone.

When set, dial *#06# to confirm the new IMEI number has taken effect. It’s that simple. Feel free to ask questions using the comment form. Cheers!

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