Download Instagram+ App For Android and BlackBerry 10 Phones

Instagram as a picture sharing social network does not need any formal introduction as it is a house hold name in the mobile technology world. The app is no doubt, the best way to keep up with people in your interest as thousands (if not millions) of photos are uploaded daily on the social media network.

Using Instagram main application on Android, blackberry, iOS and perhaps, other platform has some limitations we wished they never implemented. I am sure there are some pictures and videos you do wish you could download and have them saved on your phone and maybe re-share but unfortunately, the app does not allow you do that.

Before now, we had shared a tutorial which illustrates how you can download photos and videos from the picture and video sharing social network easily but now, we’d like to introduce you to something better.

download instagram plus app

Thanks to OGMods, a modded version of instagram is now available for download and of course, you can do those things you wished you could do with the instagram app.

Features Of Instagram+ App

With the modded version called Instagram plus, you can;

  • Long tap to Enlarge Pictures,
  • Long tap to view profile pictures of your followers or people following you,
  • Auto-start videos with sound instead of activating them manually
  • Direct share URL and of course,
  • Ability to download videos and features from the sharing app.

Where to Download Instagram+ App

For blackberry 10 phone users, I am sure by now you are very much aware of the fact that you can actually download and install android apps on your phone. Although BB10 phones have their own native client app for instagram which works pretty cool, you may want to try this to see which works better. Android users need no further detail.

To download the app, please click here (Update: file has been removed).  Download,  install, and enjoy the unlimited experience on the Instagram app.

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