Top 5 Best Speedometer Apps For Android And IOS

Speedometers are an essential instrument on any vehicle dashboard. Speedometers can be found in cars, trucks, motorcycles, and even bicycles. They measure the speed of a moving vehicle by using an internal or external sensor. 

The best thing about these instruments is that they have been around for over 100+ years! We owe it to them for ensuring we don’t get into accidents when driving at high speeds, which can lead to accidents that can cause severe injury or death. 

This article will introduce you to the five best speedometer apps available on Android and iPhone devices today, so you never need to worry about speeding tickets ever again!

Best Speedometer app for android

Let’s dive in!

1. Smart GPS Speedometer

Compatibility: iOS

Our first list is the feature-packed Smart GPS Speedometer app. It keeps track of your top speed and average speed and displays the current rate on a digital/analog speedometer using just your phone’s data connection. 

Speedometer also lets you switch easily between two units of measurement (mph or km/h) to track your transport vessel (a bicycle, a car, a boat, or an airplane) and follow your journey on a map!

With its vast array of features, this app has an interactive map that makes navigating very simple and provides up-to-date traffic conditions so that you never get stuck in gridlock again.

There are two modes in the app: driving and cycling. Cycling mode can measure speeds up to 60 mph while driving mode can measure speeds up to 180 mph.

You can look up local gas prices or find car dealers, taxi stands, parking, car washing, and car repair services, among other things. Most of these features are locked; you have to purchase the pro version before using it.

You can download this app on the IOS app store.

2. Sygic Navigation GPS & Maps

Sygic Navigation GPS & Maps sensors app

Compatibility: Android & iOS

Over 200 million drivers are using Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps, making it one of the world’s most downloaded GPS navigation apps.

Sygic is best known for being the best navigation app on Android and iPhone devices. The best part about this app is that it offers offline maps, turn-by-turn voice directions, lane guidance, speed limits & warnings to help you reach your destination. On top of all these features, they also offer live traffic updates so you can enjoy an uninterrupted drive!

This app also has an offline 3D map you can use without turning on your internet connection; not only that, but you can use this best GPS app to get accurate directions while walking.

You can download this app on the IOS app store OR Google playstore.

3. Ulysse Speedometer

Compatibility: Android

The third best speedometer app for Android on this list is the ultimate Ulysse Speedometer. It is not just a regular transport vessel speed tracker (analog or digital, it also comes with some other cool features.

The best thing about this app is that it has a live GPS tracker which can provide accurate readings of your current speed, the maximum and minimum speeds over time, as well as the total distance you’ve traveled in kilometers (km). 

It will also notify you to know how many times you have passed the 100 km/h barrier on your journey! You don’t have to worry about having data coverage or even if there’s an Internet connection since all these calculations are saved automatically locally.

You can download this app on the Google playstore.

4. Speedometer GPS Pro

Compatibility: Android

The Speedometer GPS PRO app for Android has an easy-to-use interface and a lot of features. The crucial part of this app is that you can customize the appearance and color scheme with your preferences, making it easier to read!

 It also offers driving logs, so you know how far, fast, or slow you go on any given day. There’s no limit to the number of trips you want in each log, but if there are more than 20 entries, then they will be combined into one entry instead. 

You’re able to set reminders for when certain conditions occur, like speeding while driving over 25 mph speeds, traveling too close behind another vehicle without enough space (a safe following distance), or warnings for exceeding the maximum legal blood alcohol concentration. 

You can also set up the app to track your driving according to best practices for safe driving with reminders that you should stop at red lights, not text and drive, or speed more than 25 mph.

The main reason this app comes with many features is that it is paid for; although they have a free version, we will recommend you to use the pro version so you can enjoy their full features without any limitations.

To get the Pro version of this app, download it on Google playstore here, to get the free version, download it on Google playstore here.

5. DigiHUD Speedometer

Compatibility: Android

If you’re a big fan of minimalism, then DigiHUD Speedometer is the best speedometer app for you. It checks your car’s average speed, top speeds, and distance traveled with just a tap of your finger on its display screen. The DigiHUD Speedometer app also comes with an integrated compass that can help you find directions using Google Maps or other navigation apps.

If your vehicle’s speedometer has died, you need to verify your vehicle’s speed, or you want to know your speed while cycling, running, flying, sailing, or participating in any other activity; this is the device for you. 

You can toggle the display between normal viewing and HUD mode; this displays the reflection in the vehicle’s windscreen (most useful at night).

DigiHUD can also appear as a floating window above other apps or on your home screens; external GPS receivers are supported (checked at 10Hz).

You can download this app on the Google playstore.


A speedometer is used to measure the speed of a moving vehicle as well as their top speeds for bragging rights with friends and family members by using an internal or external sensor and can be found on cars, motorcycles, trucks, and even bicycles. 

They are also the best way to know your car’s speed without relying solely on a small analog gauge in the center console.

In this blog post, we looked at five of the best apps for Android that will help you keep track of your current speed and much more. 

So, which one have we missed? Have you tried any Speedometer app from this list? Which other good Speedometer apps do you recommend for android and/or iOS, which we didn’t include in this article? Let us know in the comment section below.

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