10 Best Offline Shooting Games For Android To Download In 2023

Most games being released in this present age require internet connection to fully play and enjoy them. However, there are a few offline games for android that doesn’t require use of internet while playing. In this post, we will be looking at some of the best offline shooting games for android.

Every Gamer has his/her Genre, or should I say Gaming category. Some love adventures, others horror, others romance and some, however, fell in love with the Action-shooting Category of games which has been rated as the highest taste for addiction in the world of Gamer.

You can joke with other gamers, but when it comes to those gamers who are having a high demand for shooting games, take them seriously. Although most shooting games on Android need an internet connection (in other words, needs Data connection) in other for one to be able to play.

Have you ever experience trying to play a game in which you admire and then BOOM!!! It tells you “No internet Connection Found”—really messed right? However, no need to bother about that again because today I am going to be introducing to you the best offline shooting games for Android in 2020.

People usually say those who play shooting/shooter games are those who have a passion for joining the military or fighting the war. Having heard all this, let us take a brief definition on shooter games.


Shooter/Shooting games can be said to be placed under the Action genre, making it a subgenre of the action genre. These games are built to test the game player SPEED, REFLEXES and AWARENESS. It tests you like you are on a battleground fighting a war. Most shooter games can either be played in single mode or Multiplayer mode in which two or more players join the game using WLAN connection or can go ahead using a direct internet connection.

In shooter games, avatars usually have weapons which in most cases is a firearm and others can be a long-range weapon used alongside with GRENADES, TELESCOPES e.t.c with an armor and health pack.

Best Offline Shooting Games for Android

The best 10 offline shooting games for android are:

  1. Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2
  2. Killer Bean Unleashed
  3. Gun War
  4. Swamp Attack
  5. Respawnables
  6. NOVA Legacy
  7. Cover Fire
  8. Blazing Sniper
  9. SNIPER 3D
  10. ShadowGun Legends

1. Mini Militia -Doodle Army 2

Mini Militia -Doodle Army 2 offline shooting game for android

Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2 is a multiplayer Action-shooting game which gives Interesting and fun battles, having a simple graphical quality. However, one can play in SOLO MODE alone by fighting with robots, and the multiplayer is divided into two categories. Those who play with online internet access and those who play OFFLINE, just using the same WiFi Network. This game can take up to 11 players in a single battle; the mini militia game went viral as of 2019 not really long tho.

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2. Killer Bean Unleashed

Killer Bean Unleashed shooting game for android
Killer Bean Unleashed is a shooting game in 2D which is being played on Android. The killer bean unleashed game was made by KILLER BEAN STUDIOS. You get to play deadly missions to kill your former boss. Over 19 levels are available with three game modes( STORY MODE, SURVIVAL MODE AND MEGA LEVEL MODE) over 12 super unlockable Ammos and also bonus items. You get to play this game offline. However, there are additional levels which can be downloaded to play at your free will. Old school gameplay style with new school graphics.

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gun war offline shooting game for android

Gun War is a 3rd person offline shooting game in which your character/avatar is a soldier fighting different sets of terrorist camps around the earth to protect your nation. It’s an offline shooting game which has a small file size yet, exciting gaming experience locked in.

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SWAMP ATTACK offline shooting game

The Swamp Attack is an action-shooting game in which you defend your territory or home. Just as the name implies “swamp attack” your swamp is under attack by an annoying group of angry and mad animals or you can call them zombies if you wanna, it’s your duty to protect the SWAMP.

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5. Respawnables


Respawnables shooting game has a third-person shooter multiplayer gameplay making the gameplay an unforgettable experience. it is all about RUN, LAUGH, SHOOT, and RESPAWN!!! Get ready for some cool action with your favourite weapon and join the multiplayer battle of shooting right now.

OFFLINE MISSIONS offers more than 185 quests, you choose your player, Testing all your weapons and plan your offensive strategy in the PVP( Player vs Player). Short and exciting battles as you play.

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6. NOVA Legacy

NOVA Legacy android offline shooting game

NOVA Legacy, almost everyone must have had an encounter with this game in one way or the other. The Nova legacy is having the same genre and gameplay style like that of HALO. A very good F.P.S. game, Wonderful graphics, easy controls require an android version of 4.0.3 and above. Just a little storyline;

In this game, Kal Wardin is a veteran N.O.V.A. marine which is actually the hero. He is once again called to attack the enemies of the Administration forces.

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7. Cover Fire

Cover Fire

Cover Fire – Its all about leading the battle and rank as the best sniper snd shooter. It is a first-person shooting game, whereby gamers face off against tetracorp a wicked organization trying to occupy the planet, by violent nature and acts. In COVER FIRE, you to put an end to the EVIL.

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8. Blazing SNIPER

Blazing SNIPER offline shooting game

Take your Armor Fight for your country, Protect the civilians. Stop the Zombies.

Blazing SNIPER features:

– Fifty shooter tasks and endless gaming modes. (You can choose the easy level or hardcore level)

– Try to fight off all zombies.

– All weapons drops are for free. (Even include superweapon)

– Easy gaming control and play.

– No running A.D.S.! Just for fun.

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Sniper 3D

SNIPER 3D – All android users gamers most having seen this game on ads or in your recommended apps view on Google Play store. Based on user ratings, Sniper 3D is the best F.P.S. shooting game that is free. Experience in action shooting guns and exploding bullets in an offline gaming platform. Sniper 3D game, you are an assassin in F.P.S. action style.

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10. ShadowGun Legends

ShadowGun Legends

Shadowgun Legends is a free android first-person shooter game which was developed and made by Madfinger Games and was released for Android in the year 2018, 22nd of March. It is an android game that can be played both offline and online, the gameplay is in high graphical quality with smooth running experience

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Hope you have gotten the best shooting games on Android which you can play offline, with ZERO internet connection? Obviously “YES” is the answer. However, if no you can re-check this article above. Thanks for your time.