How To Generate Blackberry IMEI Using This App On Android and Blackberry

Good news to all android Phone users who intend to change their MTK android phone IMEI to that of a blackberry IMEI in other to flex glo bis on their device.

Before you, you originally need a computer before you can generate blackberry IMEI but thanks to good people, an app has been created that you can use in generating BB IMEIs.

The app is actually intended for android phones but if you are using a blackberry 10 phone like Q5, Q10 Q20 classic, Z3, Z10, and BlackBerry passport, you should be aware of the fact that your phone can install most android apps, and this app has been tested and confirmed working on a bb10 phone.

app to generate blackberry imei

Now, for those requesting for BlackBerry imei numbers, you need not request anymore.

You can just download the app on your android phone and generate an imei number yourself. You may have seen the comments. A lot of people saying ‘Samuel, please send me 5 IMEI numbers.‘.

For non-android and blackberry 10 users, you can still request using the comment form and you will get one sent to your email address either by myself or a generous reader of this blog.

How Do I Download Blackberry IMEI Generating App?

Simply download from here, install, and Launch. When opened, simply tap on Generate Blackberry IMEI and a blackberry IMEI will be displayed for you.

You can then use it when changing your phone’s IMEI.

For Tecno, Infinix, and other MTK android phones, you can use Mobile Uncle Tools or MTK engineering tool in changing your phone’s IMEI. For innjoo android phones, you can use the code dialing method HERE.

If you have questions regarding changing IMEI and rooting your phone, you can ask using the comment form.

Again, For non-blackberry 10 phone users and non-android phone users, you can request for blackberry IMEI number using the comment form and it will be sent to your email address.

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