How To Change Infinix Hot X507 Android IMEI To Blackberry IMEI

Still on the Infinix Hot X507 android smartphone, here is an interesting tutorial that would aid those who intend to use glo bis on the device. As you must have heard, glo bis can be used on android phones after the android phone IMEI has been successfully changed to that of a blackberry phone.

Earlier before now, we published a post that clearly shows a detailed tutorial on changing android imei to a blackberry imei. Although that method worked very well on the innjoo note, it didn’t work for the infinix hot. Here in this post, we’d like to show you how to change the infinix hot imei because we have changed ours.

Steps To Changing Infinix HOT X507 Android IMEI To A BlackBerry IMEI

=> Since we rooted our device first, it’s advisable you root your infinix x507 device before following other due processes. Please Click Here to learn how to root the phone.

=> Generate a blackberry imei (Tutorial coming soon) or you can request using the comment form and one will be sent to your email address.

=> Make a backup of your phone current IMEI. This is important in-case you’d like to revert back to its default IMEI anytime.

old imei numbers on infinix hot

=> Download Mobile Uncle from Google Play store Here.

=> Launch the app, and choose to grant root access when prompted.

=> Tap on Engineer Mode > Engineer Mode (MTK) > Connectivity > CDS Information.

=> Under CDS Information, Tap On Radio Information. If you want to change the SIM 1 IMEI number, choose Phone 1. If SIM 2, choose Phone 2.

=> At this point, you should see AT+. Tap on it and Press E. A pop up options should display. If changing SIM 1 IMEI, choose AT+EGMR=1,7,””. If SIM 2, choose AT+EGMR=1,10,””. Give a space between AT and + thereby making it look like AT +.

=>Next, go in-between (center of) the two inverted column and type in the Blackberry IMEI you’d like to use. Thereby, you should get something like AT +EGMR=1,7,”(New BlackBerry IMEI Number)” (Please do not include the bracket). When done, Tap On Send At Command and you should get an ‘At command msent‘ message.

=> Now close the mobile uncle tools app, Turn on Airplane mode and restart the device.

=> When properly booted, Turn off airplane mode and dial *#06# and you should realize the new BB IMEI number you changed to.

New Blackberry IMEI number on infinix hot

=> Fix in your already subscribed GLO BIS Sim or you can choose to subscribe on the android by sending comonth to 777. Make sure the APN is set as and you should enjoy surfing with glo bis on your infinix hot x507 phone.

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