Access Blackberry 10 Files On Computer Without Using Blackberry Link Software

Isn’t it sorta annoying when we are being asked to download some kind of software in-other to perform certain simple functionality. For example, copying or transferring files between our phones and our computer.

I mean, this is supposed to be a really simple task, right?

For Blackberry 10 phones like the Q5, Q10, Z3, Z10, Q20 and probably the blackberry passport, you are most often required to download blackberry link software in-other to synchronize your phone’s files, contacts and others with our computer.

But the case here is, we just want to copy or transfer our files to our computer.

We obviously do not have to waste a whooping 160MB data in downloading the Blackberry Link software.

If your sole aim is to send, copy or transfer some files from your phone to your computer, you necessarily do not need the Link software. You can get that accomplished without the software and I’d like to show you how.

How To Send, Copy or Transfer Files From Blackberry 10 Phones To Computer

Our aim here is to use our phone as Mass storage device like most other android phones.

Step #1. Go to settings » storage and access » Scroll down to the end of the page till you see USB Mass Storage. Turn it ON.

connect blackberry 10 to PC as mass storage device

Step #2. Now make sure you use a good USB cable. Connect from the phone’s charging port to the USB port of your computer.

Step #3. Depending on the kind of Operating system your PC runs on, you should get a notification of the mass storage device being connected. If doing this for the first time, allow the drivers to install correctly.

Step #4. After successful installation of drivers, you should get notified of what function to perform next. This is often in relation to the connected device. Choose to Open files and you should be able to access all files (both device and SD Card) on the blackberry 10 phone on your computer.

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