How To Extract Pictures From A Microsoft Word Document

Microsoft Word needs no formal introduction. Most often at times, people tend to send documents in Microsoft word format. Usually, the extension for a document file is .doc.

So usually, when a .doc file is sent to you, Microsoft word can be used in opening such document. But what if pictures are embedded in the document and you want to extract the images?

save pictures in microsoft word document

What if you are required to lift off the content on the document and publish it on another platform. Say a blog for example. And of course, you need the images in place too.

Pressing ctrl + A (select all)  and ctrl + c (copy) then ctrl + v (paste) on the blog’s compose window could paste the content but that wouldn’t include the images. The words will be pasted but not the images. Especially if they are embedded. Having to Manually copy and paste wouldn’t work either. So, how do you extract images from a Microsoft Word document? I’ll show you.

Extracting Pictures Embedded In A Microsoft Word Document

First, launch the document file using Microsoft Word Program. In my case, I use Microsoft Word 2007.

At the Microsoft word page, click on the office icon

office button on microsoft word

Under Save As, select other formats

save as other formats on microsft word

Enter your preferred name for the document and choose the location you’d like to save the file in. I’d recommend saving the file on your desktop. And under save as type, select Web Page.

save as web page under microsoft word

Click on Save and the file will be saved at the location specified.

When that is done, navigate to the location where you saved the file. You’d notice the file is now being saved as a folder.

Open the folder and you’d find the images being separately extracted as seen in the image below:

pictures extracted from microsoft word document

So, there you have it. Extracting embedded pictures from a Microsoft word document is that easy. Feel free to ask questions on the subject matter if any.

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