Proven Method to Fix Windows 10 Not Detecting Android Phone As USB Storage Device

Are you having issues with your Windows 10 computer not detecting your Android phone as a USB storage drive or mass storage device? Not to worry, we’d get that fixed in a bit. But before then, some preamble as usual.

I experienced the same thing on my windows 10 PC. Although that wasn’t the situation when I newly upgraded, it suddenly started acting up probably after an update.

Before now, I tried a lot of methods in getting it fixed but all to no avail. I tried changing the USB cable, tried restoring the OS to a previous working state, downloaded and installed MTP driver but all proved abortive.

Funny thing is, while my infinix and Tecno phones were not being detected as USB storage devices, a Samsung tablet, my iPad and my iPhone worked out well on the computer.

Fix windows 10 not detecting android phone as USB storage device

Considering the fact that a Samsung tablet was properly detected as a storage device thus giving me the ability to transfer files between the computer and the tablet, I felt the issue could be with Android phones powered by MTK processors.

I felt this way because the infinix phone and the tecno phone both powered by MediaTek (MTK) chips were not being detected as mass storage devices. Hence, I decided to download an MTK USB driver in a bid to fixing the issue. But guess what? That didn’t work either.

I resulted to using my spear computer which I also recently upgraded from windows 7 vista to windows 10 and it was same thing. There and then I knew, it’d most likely be an issue with windows 10.

Enough of the long story. Here is how I was able to fix Windows 10 not detecting these Android phones as USB storage device or mass storage.

Fix Windows 10 Computer Not Detecting Android Phone

Step 1 : Turn Android Phone USB debugging On

Depending on the kind of Android phone you use, you may have to enable USB debugging first. To get that done, navigate to settings > About Phone 7 > Tap Build Number repeatedly till you see a notification saying you are now a developer.

Now return back to settings and you’d find ‘Developer options‘. Tap on that and turn the first option ON. Scroll down to USB debugging and toggle that ON as well.

Scroll down to Select USB configuration and choose MTP (Media Transfer Protocol). That’s it.

Although this doesn’t apply to every Android phone, there’s really no harm to turn on USB debugging mode on your Android phone.

Step 2 : Fixing Android Phone not detected on Windows 10 PC

Place your cursor on the start icon (Don’t click it immediately), right click and click on Device Manager.

 device manager on windows 10 computer

Connect your Android phone to your computer using a working USB cable. Under other devices, your Android phone should be detected as either MTP or unknown device.

Windows 10 computer not completely detecting android phone

Right click on it and click on Update Driver Software.

update driver software on windows 10

Choose the second option which states browse my computer for driver software.

browse my computer for driver update

Choose Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.

pick from a list of device drivers on my computer

Make sure Show all devices is selected and click on Next.

Select device type

Select MTP USB device and click on Next.

Select MTP USB Device

Wait a few seconds till you get a notification which states Windows has successfully updated your driver software.

MTP Driver successfully installed

Now close the device manager and open My PC. You should realize that your Android phone has been detected as a USB drive and you can now transfer files between your computer and your Android phone.

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