Daum PotPlayer : How To Take Screenshot, Capture Frame and Set Image Location

In this post, we will be looking at Daum PotPlayer, how to take screenshot on PotPlayer, capture frame, set image location and pretty much all that you need to know.

When watching a movie or a video, it’s possible you find a spot that interests you and would want to keep a snapshot of. You would want to have a shot of that frame on your device. For that reason, taking a screenshot becomes important.

On Android, there are pretty much different ways to take screenshots on Android phones. However, using Daum PotPlayer, the process is quite different.

It is possible to take a screenshot, capture frames of the position you are on using a keyboard shortcut or by clicking on video capture frame and taking consecutive images.

how to take screenshots on Daum PotPlayer

All of this can be done right on the Potplayer media player and on this post, we will be showing you how.

First, let’s discuss how to set the default location where saved images should be saved.

Set Image Location On Daum PotPlayer

Being able to set image location for where images should be saved on potplayer is easy and straight forward. Follow the steps below.

1. Launch the Daum PotPlayer

launch Daum PotPlayer

2. On your keyboard, press F5 and go to settings. Alternatively, go to the top left hand corner of the window, click on the drop down for PotPlayer and click on preferences.

Go to preferences on daum potplayer

3. At this point, the PotPlayer preference window should be opened.

Daum potplayer preferences window opened

4. On the left hand tab, click on location.

Location Tab On Duam PotPlayer

5. Under the location options, under storage folders, click on the image expansion icon as indicated in the screenshot above.

6. Select the default location where you want images to be saved in on your computer.

7. When completed, click on Apply and OK respectively.

That’s it. You’ve successfully set default image location on Daum PotPlayer.

Take Screenshot, Snapshot, Capture Frames With PotPlayer

There are various ways to take screenshot, snapshot or capture frames with potplayer. There’s the capture thumbnail image (alt + N), capture consecutive images (Ctrl + G), capture current screen frame (Ctrl + Alt + C) and capture current source frame (Ctrl + C). First, let’s look at how to do this using keyboard shortcut.

1. Using Keyboard Shortcut

These are the keyboard shortcut keys and their functions.

Ctrl + E: To save current source frame to default image location

Ctrl + Alt + E: To save current screen frame to default image location

2. Capture Thumbnail image

Being able to take a screenshot using thumbnail image is simple. Simply click on K on the keyboard and click on capture thumbnail image. Alternatively, press Alt + N on the keyboard.

take screenshot on potplayer using capture thumbnail image method

A window will appear displaying thumbnail image creator. Select the format you’d prefer. This can be JPEG, PNG or any other). Change the default location, change the width and height of image and thereafter, click on OK.

3. Capture Consecutive Images

This method means capturing different images at a certain interval. To do this, press K on the keyboard and click on capture consecutive images. Alternatively, press Ctrl + G on the keyboard.

The consecutive image capture window will appear. Next, select the format you prefer. This could be JPEG, PNG or any other. Thereafter, change the default location, change the width and height of image, select timing between images, enter number of images you want to be captured and then, click on start.

4. Capture Current Source Frame To Clipboard (Ctrl + C)

To capture current source frame to clipboard, press K on the keyboard and thereafter, click on capture current source frame. Alternatively, press Ctrl + C on the keyboard.

After capturing the source frame to clipboard, you can launch any picture editor or viewer and paste it there. For this, you can use Paint.net program or Microsoft paint.

5. Current Screen Frame (Ctrl + Alt + C)

To do this, simply press K on the keyboard and select capture screen frame. Alternatively, press Ctrl + Alt + C on the keyboard.

Next, you can use any image or picture editor or viewer and paste the image there. Again, you can use paint.net or Microsoft paint for this.

That’s it. That’s how to take screenshot potplayer with ease via the use of keyboard shortcuts and other methods.

Hope this answers all that you need to know about Daum PotPlayer and how to take snapshot or screenshot on PotPlayer. Questions? Do not hesitate to ask.

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