How I Fixed HP Envy Laptop Running Windows 10 Stuck On Logo Boot Screen

Are you currently having issues with your HP computer stuck on the logo boot screen? I’m sure you are looking for possibly fixes, right? You’ve come to the right place.

Well, I did experience same on my HP Envy M6 running windows 10. Now, if you do not own or use an HP Envy M6 or an HP envy laptop running windows 10, it doesn’t mean these possible fixes wouldn’t work for you.

You should still go ahead, take the time and read every of the information contained in this article and possibly try them out. It could work in solving your PC problem too.

So basically, here, I am going to talk on how the problem occurred and exactly what the problem was like. Thereafter, I’d share a few things I tried and which exactly fixed it.

Fix HP Envy laptop running windows 10 stuck in logo boot screen

If you are experiencing same issues, you should probably try the fix I used and if that doesn’t work for you, try other suggestions I will be outlining here.

The Problem – How HP Envy Laptop Got Stuck In Logo Boot Screen (Windows 10)

It basically happened around past 12am. I was working on a content and the laptop was connected to my phone’s network via WiFi.

Suddenly, I noticed the computer automatically disconnected from the WiFi network.

Other devices in the apartment was still connected to the WiFi. Hence, it wasn’t a problem from the source, but the computer itself.

I tried turning OFF and ON the WiFi service on the computer but that didn’t work. The computer wasn’t able to even search for WiFi networks. The only option displayed was to turn OFF/ON the airplane mode.

Did that but all to no avail. There and then, I figured it was a driver issue. Some times, these things are fixed by simply turning OFF and ON the computer.

But, I didn’t want to dive into turning off and on the computer just yet. Hence, I thought of putting the computer into sleep mode and waking it up after a few minutes. And if that doesn’t fix it, I’d have to turn it off and then, back on.

Upon putting the computer into sleep mode, I realized the laptop still had the lights ON despite the display being turned off. That simply shows it hasn’t completely gone into sleep mode. This stayed like that for too long than normal hence, I had to force shut it down by long pressing the power button.

I turned it back on by pressing same power button. And although it did turn on, it didn’t go past the logo screen with the dots spinning.

This continued for more than 15 minutes which obviously indicated that something was wrong.

Solution To HP Computer Stuck In Logo Boot Screen

The simple solution for me, was conducting a recovery. A recovery in this case, was using the windows 10 option and not that of the HP support center.

I can’t very much remember the options but here was exactly the actions I took.

  • First, I force shut down the computer again by long pressing the power button
  • Disconnected the power cable from the computer.
  • Removed the battery from the computer
  • Left it that way for like a minute
  • Thereafter, without fixing back the battery, I connected the power cable and turned the computer ON.
  • After turning on and displaying the logo, it displayed repairing computer and thereafter, displayed diagnosing computer.
  • After a while, it displayed a few options. I choose to recover windows 10. Amidst the options there, I chose the keep private data but reset windows 10 settings to default option.

This reset the computer and after a while, displayed Resetting this PC.

Resetting PC

This process took about 30 minutes to an hour. Yes, it took that much time to get to 100%.

When that was completed, it automatically rebooted and after a while, displayed Installing Windows.

Installing Windows 10 on PC

This also took another turn of around 30 minutes to an hour. I keyed in my password and thereafter, it displayed these:

HP envy windows 10 boots up Logging into account on windows 10 PCHP envy running windows 10 stuck on logo fixed

The update process didn’t take up to 15 minutes before finally becoming available for use.

After fully booting up, the first thing I noticed, was that my browser programs were gone. The only browser program that remained, was Microsoft Edge. Edge is actually the default browser program for windows 10.

Other programs I had installed, were also gone. However, all downloaded programs (not installed) and files were still in place. The browser programs being off, simple means I have to re-download and re-install my favorite browser(s) and that means, all initially opened tabs, are gone. Yes, I often do not synchronize tabs between my computer and mobile. That’s something i should be doing, henceforth.

Other Possible Fixes To HP Computer Not Loading Past Logo Screen

Prior to when that fixed it, there were a few things I tried. I also did a quick search on the subject matter but I really didn’t try most of the tips I got off the internet.

I basically acted based on instincts. Here are other possible fixes to the situation.

Step #1: Resetting The Computer

One of the quickest solution to fixing a problem in a computer, is to conduct a force shut down and turn back on.

Over the years, this has often fixed the situation. It just didn’t happen this time.

Step #2: Turn Off, Remove The Battery, Replace and Turn back ON

This is typically an advanced version of step 1. This process comes in handy if step 1 doesn’t fix the situation.

In a case like this, you’d have to turn the computer OFF, disconnect the power source, remove the battery from the computer and leave it for a while. Replace the battery, connect the power source and turn it back on.

Over the years, this has also worked. It just didn’t work this time. However, performing this exposed the repair interface which actually lead to different trials and then, being able to fix the computer.

Step #3: Restore A Recovery

Computers these days, often store a recovery point. This entails having to restore the computer to an older windows update which worked the last time.

Often at times, restoring windows to a previous update version sure fixes the problem. I’m not sure it did this time. Or maybe, I just wasn’t patient enough as it didn’t go past the restoring update version despite waiting for about 20 to 30 minutes.

End Note: If you are having the same problem with your computer, I would advise you try the other possible fixes before going over to try the main one which worked for me. Reason being that, other options are quite simpler to follow. Besides, there’s a chance you wouldn’t lose your installed programs using those methods. And who knows, the problem with your computer may not be as serious as it was with mine.

The method which worked for me, had to uninstall every software I personally installed. It’s more like starting all over. Thankfully, I still have my personal files intact.

There you have it. That is exactly how I was able to fix the HP Envy computer running windows 10 stuck on logo boot screen. Questions? Feel free to ask using the comment session below.

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