Here’s How To Unlock A Windows 10 PC Using Your Samsung Galaxy Fingerprint Reader

I currently do not own nor use any latest Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Hence, you shouldn’t expect a comprehensive tutorial on how to unlock your Windows 10 PC using a Samsung Galaxy Phone. My sincere apologies for that.

However, while surfing the internet and reading Tech related news, I stumbled on the fact that Samsung now allows you unlock your Windows 10 PC using your latest Samsung Galaxy phone.

Over time, I’ve sourced for how to unlock a windows 10 PC using an Android or iPhone. Over time, that hasn’t exactly been actualized.

Of course, I can operate my computer using my Android or iPhone. I can perform certain tasks like using my phone as remote for my computer. Use my phone as keyboard, view my PC files right on my phone and all of that.

However, being able to unlock the device using the fingerprint sensor on my iPhone hasn’t been a success. This however, can actually be achieved on a MAC. What a shame!

Thankfully, this seem to be changing. The only issue however, is the fact that it’s currently only exclusive to Samsung users. Not just every Android users. Oh lawd!

Unlock windows 10 using samsung galaxy phone fingerprint scaner

I thought perhaps, this could be worth the try – if you use a windows 10 PC and a Galaxy phone. Hence, I thought the need to share.

How To Unlock Windows 10 PC Using Samsung Galaxy Phone

Based on the reads, this works via the use of the Samsung flow apps for Android and windows. Not only can you unlock a windows 10 PC with the updated version of the app, you can also synchronize your phone’s notification to your PC screen. How cool is that!

Unlock windows 10 using samsung galaxy s8 fingerprint scanner

This isn’t the first of its kinda though. Sometime last year, Samsung allowed users to unlock it’s Galaxy TabPro S using the Samsung flow apps for Android. The Galaxy TabPro BTW, runs on windows 10.

This I hear, is exclusively to phones like the Samsung Galaxy S6, S7 and Galaxy S8. Of course with their respective Edges.

The new feature works in conjunction with the Windows Hello feature. The windows Hello feature allows users sign in using facial recognition or their fingerprint.

Hopefully, developers will make this work on every smart device. Maybe soon, maybe in the future.

Getting Started With Unlocking Your Windows 10 PC and Samsung Galaxy Phone

Without further ado, if you have a PC running windows 10 and a Samsung Galaxy phone, here’s what you should do:

  • First, download Samsung Flow app on your device on Google Play Store Here
  • Secondly, download the flow app on your Windows PC via the windows store here.
  • Make sure your Windows PC is running the latest Windows 10 creators update.

Got all that in place? Launch the app on your phone and follow the onscreen instructions.

BTW, the ability to sync your phone with windows 10 PC to display your phone notifications works on other Samsung devices. Basically those running Android marshmallow and tablets running Android Nougat and above. Hence, whether or not the unlocking feature isn’t supported on your phone, giving the flow app a trial could still be worth it. So, Go on. Download and explore.

Quick Glossary:

BTW means By The Way.

If you eventually tried unlocking your Windows 10 PC using your Samsung Galaxy phone, let’s hear from you using the comment session.

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