iMose Kampe II First Impressions – Your Really Handy Buddy

This is just my first Impressions of the iMose Kampe II phone. It shouldn’t exactly be considered as a full review.

I believe by now, you currently own a smartphone. Or perhaps, you are looking forward to buying a smartphone in 2017. Whatever the case maybe, the iMose Kampe II isn’t a smartphone. Hence, you may want to look somewhere else if a smartphone is what you crave for.

However, if a handy phone is what you are looking for, perhaps, you should consider including the iMose Kampe II phone on your radar.

iMose Kampe II Phone impressions

I recently got a review unit and as expected, I am here to dish out my first impressions of the device. But first, let’s start with the box. Shall we?

iMose Kampe II – What’s In The Box

The iMose Kampe 11 pack is very portable and quite small. Almost same size with that of the iPhone. But, let’s leave that aside.

Let’s talk more on the content, and not exactly the packaging.

Opening the box, these are basically all what to expect in it:

  • The iMose Kampe II Phone
  • A charger
  • An earphone
  • The battery
  • The user manual
  • And a warranty certificate.

iMose Kampe II box content

Away from the pack, let’s look exclusively at the phone itself. After all, isn’t the phone particularly all that matters?

iMose Kampe II Impressions

Frankly, i cannot remember the last time I held such phone with physical keypads. However, it kinda feels refreshing.

Here, I have the Pink + Gold color variant. However, all I seem to see is a pink color. Oh! The side linings is referred to as Gold color. Beautiful!

iMose Kampe 11 design

Compared to other devices I’ve used in recent times, this sure feels lightweight. Of course, I wasn’t stunned. It shouldn’t exactly be compared to a 2017 smartphone in any way. However, you can still feel the weight. Thanks to the 5000mAh battery.

Oh! Speaking of the battery, let’s quickly look at the key specifications of the device.

iMose Kampe 11 Key Specifications

Based on the quick specifications at the phone’s box, the device has the following key specs:

  • Bluetooth
  • 6.09cm (2.4inch) screen (128*160 Pixels)
  • Dual SIM
  • Wireless FM Radio
  • Video Player
  • Music Player
  • 1.3MP Camera
  • 5000mAh Battery.

iMose Kampe II Phone Key Specifications

Having cleared off the specs, let’s return back to the phone.

For the records, the Kampe II is being referred to as a power bank phone.

iMose Kampe 11 Design

At the bottom of the phone, you’d find the 3.5mm Jack port, the charging port and the USB port.

iMose Kampe II bottom design

The USB port in this case, is meant to serve as the power-bank output. Just connect a device you’d like to charge to that port using a USB cable.

At the top is the torch light.

torch light on iMose Kampe II phone

This wasn’t stated alongside the device specifications. But I guess that’s why you should pay attention to blogger’s impressions. So, off the chart, the phone is torch light enabled. You are welcome!

At the back is the 1.3 Megapixels camera with the speaker. Are you hoping to snap pictures with that in 2017? Well, good luck with that.

iMose Kampe II camera

I haven’t tested out the camera yet. Hence, I can’t give a verdict, just yet. If you’d be interested in that, do make use of the comment session and you can be sure I’d give you a feedback.

You’d look to see more pictures? I’ve got you covered

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Summary Regarding The iMose Kampe II Power bank Phone

The major highlight of the phone would be the power bank feature with the 5000mAh battery. I can’t wait to test how capable that performs in regards to charging other devices.

During the bloggers briefing, Paul Mark, the Business Development Executive of iMose, said “The phone accidentally fall into water, I took it out, removed the battery, dried it and by the next morning, the phone was working perfectly fine“.

I don’t usually get into water accidents with my phones. Hence, I may never get a chance to find how true that is. However, instincts tell me the phone is gonna be rugged.

In terms of design, the device looks stunning. I am not much of a pink color fan, but the color combination got me tripping.

The iMose Kampe II may not serve as a main device. It doesn’t even deserve that spot in 2017. However, I cannot deny that it will make a really handy Buddy. Cuddles to the 5000mAh battery. The brand even says it can last up to 30 days standby. How cool is that!

I would recommend the iMose Kampe II as a side chick to anyone who love to hit and spend much time on the road. It can be a really handy phone. ✌

That brings us to the end of my first impressions of the iMose Kampe II phone. Got questions? The comment session is always open.

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