Infinix Zero 4 Unboxing and Quick Hands-On Review! 

Yesterday, infinix launched it’s flagship smartphones for the year 2016 – the infinix Zero 4 and Zero 4 Plus.

I got the Infinix Zero 4 Unit and as usual, I didn’t waste much time before tearing apart those packaging nylons. As a not-so-regular tradition, I have put up a video where I unboxed the infinix Zero 4 x555 smartphone.

Hence, if you rather prefer a 3-minute video to a lengthy post filled with pictures, you can watch the quick Infinix Zero 4 Unboxing Video below:

If you rather prefer images with some texts, let’s get started with unboxing the new flagship device.

Infinix Zero 4 Unboxing

First of, I’d like to correct something. Looking through the specs-sheet of the smartphone on most blogs online, it states the Zero 4 is powered by a Helio X20 chip. Truth is, the Zero 4 is actually powered by a MediaTek MT6753 Octo-core processor clocked at 1.3 GHz. Not Helio X20.

Having said that, let’s move on with the unboxing.

The pack

Unlike other smartphones in the Zero series, infinix has probably decided to go Lite with the Zero series pack.

infinix zero 4 pack

Comparing the pack size with the Hot 4 x557 pack, they are both of same width and length.

Unboxing the Infinix Zero 4 x555 smartphone

Opening the pack, the first thing that graces your eyes is the infinix Zero 4 smartphone. Awww!

Infinix Zero 4 unboxing in progress

Here, I have the Lilac Gray color variant and really, it looks beautiful!

infinix zero 4 back view out of box Infinix Zero 4 out of the pack

Now, let’s take that to the side.

 infinix zero 4 x555 unboxing

Digging deeper, you have a smaller package which houses the user manual, a screen protector (not glass), ejector pin and a small leaflet stating the box content.

Taking those out of the way, you’d find a plastic protective casing.

Infinix Zero 4 accessories

Going deeper, you’d find the usual suspects – The Charger, Ear-phone and the USB cord.

 Infinix Zero 4 charger Infinix Zero 4 earpiece Infinix zero 4 x555 usb cable

That’s basically everything that comes with the device.

In summary, these are everything you’d find in the Infinix Zero 4 box if you decide to buy one:

	Infinix Zero 4 unboxed side view Infinix Zero 4 x555 unboxed

  • The infinix Zero 4 phone
  • Ejector pin
  • Zero 4 plastic case
  • Screen protector
  • Charger
  • Ear-phone
  • USB Cord
  • User manual and,
  • A small leaflet.

Infinix Zero 4 Quick Hands-On Review

First, let’s take off the protective nylons.

taking off protective nylons on the infinix zero 4 front 	taking off protective nylons on the infinix zero 4

The infinix Zero 4 is a beauty to behold. However, the design looks quite similar. Of course, not to anything infinix has ever launched.

On the left side, you have no buttons. Except for the MicroSD card tray.

Infinix Zero 4 left side view

On the right side, you have the volume buttons and power buttons. The SIM tray is also present at the right side of the device.

 Infinix Zeor 4 right side view

At the bottom is the charging port, loud speakers and microphone.

Infinix Zero 4 bottom view

At the top, you have the 3.5mm jack and nothing more.

Infinix Zero 4 top view

The back houses the flash, the camera and the fingerprint sensor. Of course, branding falls here.

Infinix Zero 4 android phone camera view

Quick Review

As earlier mentioned, I really do love the design. You get that all aluminum design thus giving it a premium feel. The front features 2.5 curve display. If you own an iPhone 6 upwards, you should get a better idea of the display design.

However, there is a con in the design. You probably may have noticed it in the above images. I am actually making reference to the camera bump.

	Infinix Zero 4 camera bump

Although not so much of a big deal, details just needs to be put in place.

Of course, this is just an unboxing and a quick hands-on review. A detailed review of the Infinix Zero 4 smartphone should be published in a few days. Stay tuned!

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