This Is The New Etisalat’s Mobile9, Sorry 9mobile logo

You probably know about all the buzz going on with the Etisalat brand lately. You probably also know that the brand has re-branded to 9mobile in Nigeria.

When I first got to hear of the new name being 9Mobile, what first came to mind was Mobile9. Mobile9 is an online app resource site. The site has been in existence for a very long time now.

And now, etisalat seem like they just moved the 9 to the front. In my mind sha.

9mobile new logo

The name was typically changed a couple of weeks back. However, the new logo was just unveiled.

Etisalat’s Successor, 9Mobile New Logo

Below is what appears to be the new brand’s logo.

9mobile logo

Also take a look at this beats by dre logo:

Beats by dre logo

Is it just me or there’s a striking resemblance? Using your imagination, just turn the beats my dre logo upside down.

On the brand’s new website, it states:

9 is significant with nature, the start of life, time of birth. from our entry into the market 9 years ago to our evolution 9 years after, we are still 0809ja.

We are here for you, rebranded for you because it is all about you.

9 stands for speed, quality, excellence. if you’re looking to the future, you find it with 9.

9 gets you talking more, doing more, achieving more & living more.

“A strong and resilient Nigerian spirit continues to reside in us, uniting us with our subscribers, confident that you will continue to believe in our new brand, which strongly reflects our innate creativity and youthfulness,” he added.

Besides, he said, the rebranding was a testament to the company’s dynamism, responsiveness and agility as a business, while leveraging the power of technology to deliver innovative products and services to meet customers’ needs.

“Our confidence in our ability to continue to make this happen is bolstered by the sheer determination, commitment and passion of our people to do more; and continue delivering excellent service.

To ensure the change of name was delivered efficiently and responsibly, the CEO said 9mobile announced plans to migrate to the new brand over the next few months.

In regards 9mobile data plans, the plans are still pretty expensive. For 15GB, you get to pay NGN 10,000 with 30 day validity. That’s expensive in 2017 compared to what other GSM operators are offering.

Anyway, what’s your view regarding the new Mobile9 9mobile logo?

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