2022 / 2023 Waec Result Released – How To Check on WaecDirect.org

The 2019 May / June WAEC Examination results are out. For candidates who wrote the 2019 West African Examination, please proceed to check your results.

According to the WAEC board, there is a huge success rate in the 2017 waec examination. Out of 1,567,016 candidates who registered for the exam, only 1,559,162 candidates sat for it.

Out of the 1,559,162 candidates who sat for the examination, 923,486 candidates secured at least, five credits including mathematics and English Language.

Compared to last year’s 52.9% success rate, about 59.23% made the cut this year.

Since the result was released, I have helped a few persons in checking theirs. 90% of them turned out to be good results. So, be optimistic!

How To Check 2019 May/June WAEC Results Online On WAECDirect.org

In other to check your results, you’d need the WAEC scratch card.

Normally, this should be given to students who registered for the examination. For free, I should add.

However, I recently got a memo that most schools didn’t deliver the cards to the candidates. But instead, choose to sell. Some schools are selling the cards for N500 or more. Hence, if you weren’t given the scratch card, you should get in touch with your registered school authority.

If you have the scratch card, you can proceed to checking the 2017 WAEC result Online.

Using a Computer, tablet or a phone, go to waecdirect.org

check waec result on waecdirect.org

Fill in the required details with the correct information. In this case, you basically need your examination number (center number + seat number), the correct scratch card Serial number and PIN.

When done, click or tap on Submit.

A new window should display with your 2017 WAEC results.

You can go ahead and print if need be.

Please note, you can only check your WAEC result a maximum of 5 times with same scratch card.

What Next If I Have Surpass The Number Of WAEC Result Checks?

In this case, you most definitely will need to print out your result to avoid such issues. If no printer within reach, i have some options for you.

If you use a computer with no printer connected, you can still have a virtual print copy of your WAEC Result.


  • On the result page, click the print option and follow the onscreen instructions. Under where to save, you should select a location you’d easily remember. I would advise you choose desktop in this case.
  • Choose to save and you should find a virtual copy on your computer’s desktop.
  • You can thereafter, copy or move the file to your phone. By default, the file will be in oxps format.
  • In other to access the file on your phone anytime, you’d need a OXPS Android app like this one.

Alternatively, if using a phone, you can simply take a screen shot. That way, you’d have a soft copy and do not necessarily need to log in every time to check. Of course, that is if you are not within range of a printer.

If you currently can’t access your result, relax. More will be released over time.

So, there you have it. If you have issues with checking your 2019 WAEC results on waecdirect.org, drop a comment and I will try to help.

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