Exclusive – First Look At The Infinix HOT 5 x559 Android Smartphone

Good news, guys! Infinix Mobility is set to launch a new smart phone into the Nigerian market. This time, it’s the infinix HOT 5 x559.

So far this year, the OEM has updated 3 of her smartphone catalog; The Infinix S2 (and the pro), The infinix Smart (a first in its line), and the Note 4 (and the pro).

Basically, we should expect seeing the HOT 5 and the Infinix Zero 5 before the end of the year.

Thankfully, the official launching of the infinix HOT 5 isn’t far-fetched. The infinix HOT 5 will be launched at the end of this month being August, 2017.

No specification of the device has been disclosed, yet. We should expect seeing some leaked specs before the official launch though.

However, for now, we just have a sneak peek at what the device will look like, in relation to the design.

First Image Of The Infinix HOT 5 x559

Below is a sneak peek of what the Infinix HOT 5 x559 will look like.

Infinix Hot 5 X559

Now, take a look at the infinix HOT 4 smart phone released last year.

infinix hot 4

Any resemblance?

Apparently, the Infinix HOT 5 design is going to be plastic.

So basically, the specifications will tell the major difference apart.

From the design of what the infinix HOT 5 looks like, my guess is, the fingerprint reader is going to be embedded in the home button – as seen on the infinix Note 4. Or perhaps, if there are gonna be different variants (which they most likely will), this variant may not have a fingerprint reader.

However, should the HOT 5 not having a fingerprint reader in 2017 be acceptable? Let’s be optimistic and assume it’d be placed on the home button.

Infinix HOT x559 Specifications?

As earlier mentioned, no specs was disclosed. However, leaked specs should surface in no distant time. However, my guess is, 5.5inch FHD display, 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM expandable using SD card, MediaTek ‘Octa-core‘ processor, 13 megapixels rear camera accompanied by 5 megapixels front.

The Infinix x559 will be launched in partnership with Jumia and the upcoming smart phone will be themed ‘Mobile Cinema‘.

More details regarding the upcoming Infinix HOT 5 x559 will be unveiled as events unfold.

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