Don’t Like The New YouTube Design Layout? Here’s How To Revert Back

Two days ago, I checked on YouTube and realized something different. Text looks much bolder alongside other old stuffs I couldn’t find where they ought to be.

At first, I thought my computer could be playing tricks on me. Possibly the zoom level on my Firefox browser was higher but, that wasn’t the case.

After a few minutes of trying to figure out the reason for the difference, I figured YouTube had ‘globally’ changed it’s design. Not just to desktop users, but also to mobile users.

New Youtube design layout on desktop

Actually, this isn’t the first time I’d be seeing the new design. It’s been around for a while now. Most newly created channels are often served the new design. This, I got to know when I created a new YouTube channel a few months back.

So, how come I didn’t figure out it was the new design at first? Well, although the new design is served to new YouTube channels, users can always revert back to the old. And since I preferred the old to the new, I didn’t spend time trying to adapt to the new design on my other channel. And since there wasn’t any notification showcasing the new changes, I didn’t think towards that direction – at first.

I am yet to fully ascertain what new features (if any, apart from the dark and light color theme), the new design brings on board on desktop. However, one of the first things I noticed, was the change in the YouTube logo (After 12 years).

New Youtube logo compared to the old

The NG (which stands for Nigeria) tag is placed just after the logo. This i believe, should change based on the IP being used in accessing the video sharing website. Another noticeable difference is the color contrast. The color now looks more contrast compared to the former.

The ‘My Channel‘ option is no longer available on the left side of the page (if logged into your YouTube channel). To discover your channel on the new layout, you need to click on your account logo at the top right side of the page. And thereafter, click on My Channel.

access my channel page on youtube new design layout

Although it takes nothing, it feels like an additional walk – to me.

So far, I still prefer the old layout to what’s new. Adjustments were also made to the video display page (I still prefer the previous layout in this regards). The subscribe button also got a make over. Meaning, YouTubers (or video creators) who often inscribe the subscribe button logo into their videos, would have to do some extra digging, if they plan inscribing the subscribe button logo in subsequent videos.

If you are like me who still prefers the old design and doesn’t want to be a part of the new layout – yet, you can revert to the old YouTube design layout. And it’s pretty easy too.

How To Revert From New YouTube Design Layout To The Former

Not sure if this works when logged out, if you have a YouTube account, I would advice you log in.

restore old youtube design layout

  • When logged in, Tap on the profile picture icon
  • Thereafter, Click on Restore Old YouTube.
  • A form will be presented afterwards. Here, you can choose which ever option that best describes your situation and click on Submit.
  • You should be served the old YouTube layout after a few seconds.

After reverting to the old YouTube design layout, I realized the color contrast is still present. The new logo didn’t change either. However, the My Channel option now shows up where i have always known it to be. The subscribe button now retains it’s old design. Guess i am fine with that, for now.

If at any point, you feel it’s about time you join the rest of the world, simply go to and from there, you should find your way around getting the new YouTube design layout.

Samuel is a Tech Enthusiast who loves to explore everything that concerns Tech. Most of his explorations and guides, he shares via this platform. He studied Computer Science and prefers being simply called Sammy! 😉