This Alleged iPhone 8 Smartphone Render Is Incredibly Beautiful

Apple is weeks away from launching it’s next iPhone. Based on the tradition the company has followed in years, one would expect that Apple will launch the iPhone 7s and 7s plus this year. However, based on leaks, reports and video renders, it is said that an Apple iPhone 8 is what’s in the pipeline.

Over the last few months, we’ve been graced with quite a handful of rumors, leaks and more regarding the next iPhone – iPhone 8.

This isn’t in anyway, surprising. You shouldn’t even be surprised to find an iPhone 9 concept on YouTube right now. That’s how dedicated some creators can be.

While surfing through Facebook, i stumbled on a video which showcases what is alleged to be the next iPhone – iPhone 8.

I am not sure how the guys behind the video came about the device, but it seemed too real to be a hoax. I was overwhelmed at how beautiful the device looked that I couldn’t help but share.

Alleged iPhone 8 Render Video

The original source showcased what seemed to be two different renders alleged to be the next iPhones. The picture clearly stated that the next iPhone has it’s fingerprint sensor at the back while the video states otherwise.

iPhone 8 back view

iPhone 8 render

Additionally, the dual camera and flash placements on the pictures are quite different from the one in the video.

Alleged iPhone 8 smartphone


Based on the display on the video, the iPhone clearly has a much sharper display with the famous 2.5D curved glass. The fingerprint sensor still retains it’s position at the front. Based on the render video, unlocking the device using the fingerprint sensor isn’t that fast. At least, compared to that on the iPhone 7 duo.


The video clearly also states that instead of volume buttons, there is a touch panel. Meaning, instead of having to press the volume + and volume – buttons to control the volume level, simply robbing your finger around the panel sets that in motion. The touch panel however, is said to be towards the left side of the device. Pretty sleek!

Other than the display, the render says the next iPhone will come equipped with wireless charging. Samsung pretty much has that in place with most of it’s recent flagships. The cool thing with the wireless charging on the alleged iPhone is that, you can charge your phone wirelessly from a distance. More so, there seem to be fast charging on board. Very handy!

Design-wise, the design looks very similar to that of the iPhone 7 duo. The alleged iPhone 8 clearly doesn’t have a 3.5mm Jack port on board. Something we wholeheartedly miss on the iPhone 7 duo.

Just as we have it on the iPhone 7 Plus, the alleged next iPhone features dual camera set up. And just after the camera set up, is the LED flash.

Based on size, the alleged next iPhone will be available in three different sizes; 4.7 inch5.0 inch and 5.5inch.

So, How True Is This iPhone 8 Render?

If you ask me, I’d say that the chances of this render coming to limelight on the next iPhone (possibly iPhone 8) is 30/100. Especially with the volume touch panel. Over time, we’ve seen really beautiful renders of what is said to be the next iPhone and often at times, they don’t come out real.

Pending when the next iPhone is officially unveiled, we’d have to keep our fingers crossed. Meanwhile, if this next iPhone renders turns out to be true, will you be interested?

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