3 Best PlayStation 4 Bundles You Should Check Out Today

The PS4 is one of the world’s most successful games consoles yet, with millions of units sold every year. If you are looking for PlayStation 4 bundles with an accessory or game, here are the best 3 (three) you should check out.

PlayStation 4 bundles

1. Grand Theft Auto V PlayStation 4 Bundle

The Grand Theft Auto franchise is one of the most popular in PS4 history, with millions of games sold and several spin-offs. Now you can play this edition of the series on your console with this PS4 bundle.

You get a brand new PS4, plus a copy of Grand Theft Auto V. This bundle makes a great gift for fans of the franchise and those who are new to the PS4. You can order a bundle like this when you apply for a credit account with a catalogue retailer.

Once your account has been accepted, you can spread the cost of your purchase and make repayments via instalments on a monthly basis. Catalogue retailers will also deliver your PS4 bundle to your home address and keep you updated with the latest information about your account.

2. PS4 Slim and FIFA 2017

FIFA 2017 is the latest edition of the FIFA franchise, making it a must-have for football fans everywhere. With this bundle, you get a copy of the FIFA 2017 game plus a PS4 Slim – the compact version of the PS4. Many catalogue retailers offer bundles like this, and offer the PS4 slim on finance, allowing you to spread the cost of your payments and make repayments in instalments.

You’ll receive a monthly statement with details about the products you have purchased in the post. You can also save money on your purchase when you use a promotion code. Just apply your code to your purchase during the checkout stage. You could get money off delivery or cash off your order.

3. PlayStation 4 With Headphones

PS4 headphones allow you to play the latest games without annoying other people in your home. Some of the world’s biggest manufacturers make earphones for the PS4, and you could pick up a pair when you purchase a bundle. Catalogue retailers often offer bundles like this, where you receive a pair of earphones and a new copy of the PS4.

You can apply for credit for this item on the catalogue retailer’s website or by speaking to a customer rep over the phone. Once you have been accepted, you can pay for your item in the same way. You’ll also have your item delivered directly to your door, saving you the hassle of high street shopping.

So, what do you think? Do you consider these as the best PlayStation 4 Bundles?

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